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Learn the truth about Michael Jackson's unhealthy interest in young boys.

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A Magical Place Named Neverland Ranch

The following content is from an unpublished book titled: "The Brass Tacks of an Over Polished Trophy". I'm unaware why it wasn't published, but it contains some good contents, and is useful to those researching Jackson's behaviour with young boys and the allegations against him. It has 12 chapters in total. Full credit goes to the original author.
Michael Jackson blazed into the last decade of the old millennium swinging on a star perched so high in the sky, only the box office numbers offer any indication that his star had begun to descend. Every album he records after “Thriller” costs more to make and sells less than the one before. “Bad” sells 20 million copies less than “Thriller.” That’s a staggering amount considering “Dangerous” sells even less. This matters little to his impassioned fans, of course. They camp out for days at packed arenas, anticipating the thrill of seeing their “King” stand with his arms outstretched, like he’s being crucified, bathed in a heavenly spotlight. Aphrodite Jones wrote that “Michael made the earth stand still and seemed to have a white light around him that transcended all!” He was so adored in fact; nobody batted an eye when he built a private amusement park on his property and adopted the persona as the real life “Peter Pan,” sending out invitations to children all over the world to come and play with him. Had it been anyone else, people would have been alarmed but this was Michael Jackson!

In 1992, young Jordan Chandler gets the chance of a lifetime. He is “fortunate” enough to meet his idol. The way the story goes is that Jackson was motoring down Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills when his jeep broke down. Luckily for him, he was near “Rent-a-Wreck,” a car rental company owned by Jordan’s stepfather, Dave Schwartz. Schwartz knew Jordie idolized Jackson so he called his ex-wife, June Chandler/Schwartz to tell her to bring her son down to meet the most famous man in the world!

This is how this little boy from a restless family background was permitted inside Jackson’s tightly drawn circle. This is also when the hushed late night/early morning telephone calls began. Michael tells Jordie about a magical place named Neverland Ranch, where kids have the “right of way!” They can eat as much candy as they can stuff into their faces, stay up all night playing video games and ride motorcycles, amusement park rides, jet skies and go carts all day!

Not surprising, 12-year-old Jordan was enticed by these temptations. Jackson rapidly gains this impressionable child’s confidence and encourages him to call him “Daddy.” It’s rumored that Michael actually moved in with the Chandlers around this time for a month or two. It’s hard to imagine the most famous man in the world putting his career on hold to devote himself to washing a little boy’s clothes and folding his underwear but when comes to Michael Jackson, you needed to expect the unexpected.

When Michael invited Jordan’s mother and stepsister to attend the World Music Awards with him in Monaco, they politely sit in the second row while the baby of the family sat on the man of honor’s lap upfront. Thousands of cameras capture the image of this little unknown boy, dressed identically and squirming on the lap of a positively giddy Michael Jackson. It was a sight that should have made a thousand social workers cringe but Jordan’s mother was more than compliant. Michael simply handed her one of his credit cards and sent her and her daughter on a lavish spending spree in Italy, enabling Michael to get Jordan alone in their hotel suite.

Jackson’s manager, Bob Jones recalls that Michael and Jordan remained walled up in their room all day and night. Jordan refers to this period as their “honeymoon.” This hanky panky came to an abrupt halt when Jordan’s father (Did I mention that Jordan also had a father?) claims he caught Jackson and his now 13-year-old son in bed together, spooning like an old married couple, with Michael’s hand resting on Jordan’s crotch.

Defiantly, Jackson continued to drive a wedge between Jordan and his father with more gifts and affection until the day his real father threatened to go public with evidence that Mr. Fabulous sexually molested his son. The Jackson camp quickly offers Chandler a modest settlement but he refuses. Apparently, Evan had a higher price tag than his wife.

While June immersed herself in her new mother/socialite role, Evan had ambitions of living the Hollywood dream. He had a measured amount of success co-writing the screenplay for the comedy, “Men In Tights” and when it came time to hustle up money for his next project, he went to the guy that didn’t hesitate to flash money around to ask for a loan. Michael Jackson turned him down flat. This was a big mistake. Funding Evan’s dream may have shielded Michael from greater expenses later on. Now a rejected Evan Chandler had leverage on Jackson and wanted to teach him a lesson he would never forget.

Unable to call Chandler’s bluff, this media disaster was turned over to California civil court. The second word leaks out, the paparazzi clamor into a wild feeding frenzy. Finally, the seemingly charming activities at Neverland begin to take on a whole new meaning. Team Jackson advises Michael to dig deeper and put this one to bed. Depending upon your source, many of the details of the impeding out of court settlement vary but it appears Michael refused to cooperate with Evan Chandler right up until the day Jordan drew pictures of Daddy Michael’s penis. Michael Jackson is forced to let legal authorities photograph his genitalia in comparison to Jordan’s drawings.

“I took several photographs of Jackson’s genitals from his right side first and moved to his left side. Dr. Strick asked Mr. Jackson to lift his penis. I observed a dark spot on the lower left side of Mr. Jackson’s penis. Law enforcement sources, as well as Chandler family sources said the dark patch on Jackson’s genitals was found exactly where young Jordan Chandler said they could find such a mark. It’s important to note the dark spot was only visible when the penis was lifted – as during sexual arousal.” – Diane Dimond – “Be Careful Who You Love.”

Suddenly, Michael Jackson panics and quits holding out. He pays the Chandlers an incredible 15+ million dollars to make those drawings go away! Evan Chandler drops the charges and skips out the courtroom doors with his pockets lined with Jackson’s loot. The case against Michael Jackson promptly falls apart. The prosecution couldn’t meet their burden of proof because the accuser was too busy spending the defendant’s money. This enables the court to acquit Jackson and the judge to dismiss the case.

Without hesitation, Jackson’s PR team scramble to repair “The King of Pop’s” reputation. When someone is worth as much money as he was, people with enough power to rewrite history step in. Nobody wanted this superstar held up in court when he could be out making millions. Astonishingly, Jackson’s lawyers document in the court records that Michael didn’t pay the money that encouraged Evan Chandler to drop the charges after all. That responsibility fell on “His” Insurance Company, whom they claimed reserved the right to take control of this case and bail their star client out if they want to. It is released to the press that this mysterious, unnamed insurance company bulldozed their way into court, pushed Jackson and his lawyers aside and shoved a fortune into Chandler’s hands while poor Michael (Whom insisted that he fully intended to resolve the matter in court.) protested in the background.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time legal documents have been falsified to protect a millionaire’s name. The purpose of this slippery maneuver was to make Jackson appear innocent of the charges against him. It worked like a charm. Never mind that no insurance company would be crazy enough to settle a legal dispute if there was any chance that their client might be charged with a crime, minnows all over the world swallowed this whopper hook, line and sinker!

To his obvious annoyance, Michael is questioned about this settlement several times in interviews. Jackson contradicts what had already been chiseled into the court documents when he revealed that he had met with his lawyers and asked them, “Can you guarantee me that justice will prevail and they said, ‘Michael, we can’t guarantee that a judge or a jury will do anything.’ I said I had to do something to get out from under this nightmare so we unanimously decided to resolve that case.”

What part of Jackson saying that he instructed his lawyers to “resolve that case” sounds like some phantom insurance company (That no one seems to know the name of.) came rip-roaring on the scene to save an innocent man from having to defend himself? Jackson went on to say that he “put that case behind him” because he was afraid that it would turn into another OJ Simpson trial and drag on for seven years. If Michael Jackson was completely innocent and Evan Chandler had zero evidence against him, why would it take that long?

It’s odd that this freaky insurance company would be in such a rush to throw millions of dollars into the wind rather than simply allow their client to face his accuser in court and disprove the allegations against him. (Which should have been easy to do IF he was innocent.) This way, Jackson could have redeemed himself on our level and “they” wouldn’t have to pay a cent!

Anyone that has tried to make an insurance company pay off on a claim knows that its flat out uncharacteristic for any insurance company to pay out money they don’t have to…let alone millions! Its the goal of every insurance company in the world to MAKE money. They wouldn’t dish out millions of dollars if other options were available, no matter how sexy a bunch of teenyboppers think their client is. But that’s the great thing about defending someone as glorious as Michael Jackson; it doesn’t have to make sense!

Then there’s that pesky old settlement agreement. It reads, “Upon court approval of this Confidential Settlement, Michael Jackson will execute and deliver to the Minor’s attorneys of record confessions of judgment, in forms to be approved by the attorneys of record for the Minor prior to execution of this settlement, in the total amount of $15,331,250.” (Jordan’s parents receive 1.5 million each, with June getting a lion’s share of it when she divorces Evan.) The settlement agreement states that only Michael Jackson will execute and deliver over $15 million to a little boy. Jackson signed this document and no insurance company is mentioned.

Now, would a rich pop star pay to save his own hide? You’re doggone right he would! It’s far more likely that Mr. Big Bucks ponied up that cash to ensure he didn’t lose that case. Not content with his shaky “it wasn’t me” alibi, his family swiftly rallied around him. Michael’s greatest advocate has always been his doting mother. Katherine Jackson chimed in with, “If you accused someone of molesting your child, would you accept money to let him go free?” Probably not, but paying hush money doesn’t exactly wipe the slate clean either!

I believe that Michael loved Jordan and for a while, Jordan loved him too. It isn’t clear when (and if) things went sour between these two. By all appearances, Jordan was the love of Jackson’s life. Michael was good to him, probably a lot better than he was to the other boys that passed through his revolving bedroom door in the days that followed. They ended up in a sick, drunken heap on his floor! Michael Jackson never replaced Jordan Chandler.

When did it all go bad then, after Jordan told others that Michael had molested him? That’s not suspicious or anything! Its possible Michael would have liked to keep things the way they were with this boy but after he signed the settlement agreement, it broke them up. Michael Jackson was ordered to never contact Jordan again. That seemed to suit Jordan fine. It appears that he was fed up with Daddy Michael anyway. After the settlement was legally put into effect, Jordan was asked if it made him sad that he would never see Michael Jackson again and he answered, “No.”

Of course, we still have the uproar from his loudmouthed fans to deal with. The double standards they have for this guy is why millions of people don’t take them seriously. It’s disgusting how they conveniently lump Jordan in with their hatred for his father when in fact, they owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude. Jordan had several opportunities to put the screws to Michael and he refused to every time. That was his father’s objective. Evan Chandler may or may not have not been an ideal candidate for the “Father Of The Year” award but in no wild stretch of the imagination does that make Michael Jackson innocent.

In a taped conversation, Evan Chandler is heard to say that he’s going to destroy Michael Jackson and be sitting pretty for the rest of his life. To MJ fans, this was the same as confessing to being a liar but if anything, he sounds more like a man that had caught Jackson with his fingers in the cookie jar and knew that he was going to win.

No one can say for certain what Evan may or may not have testified to because it didn’t go that far. In 2009, he committed suicide. If you try to get more information on why he would undertake such a desperate act, you’re instantly bludgeoned with a fistful of hate from his fans. They’ll scream, “That evil monster Evan Chandler blew his lousy brains out because of the guilt he felt for what he did to our poor Michael!” Considering that he didn’t leave a suicide note, perhaps their crystal balls need new batteries! Criminals trying to extort money from someone don’t normally hire attorneys to represent them in court, do they? Besides, if he was wracked with guilt, wouldn’t he have returned that money?

Evan Chandler took his secrets to the grave. That, and the fact that Jordan obviously has no desire to break his vow of silence enforced by the settlement agreement affords hardcore MJ fans the great luxury of calling them liars. Inevitably, the question that will keep tapping upon their shoulders for years to come will be, “If Michael Jackson was too special to face his accuser in court to disprove the allegations against him, why should decent, law-abiding citizens call him innocent?”

A less dramatic account for why Evan would take his own life report that the 65-year-old was in constant pain from Gaucher’s disease and bipolar to boot. Evan Chandler never tried to hide the fact that he was after a big payout. His motives were perfectly clear. Michael Jackson’s motives were far more questionable. Not to his rabid fans, of course. Accusing Michael Jackson of being less than perfect was insulting enough! This made caving in to his extortionist’s demands an acceptable defense for someone that they figure was already innocent anyway. Court is for bad guys! Michael was innocent!

This is the blueprint for the elaborate conspiracy theories that have become mainstays on thousands of pro-Michael Jackson websites. These trusty old standbys are simply the best hope MJ advocates have in vindicating their hero. After all, it’s a Michael Jackson world to them, we just live in it. These characters regard the way Evan Chandler “stole” poor, innocent Michael’s millions protecting his son a horrible sin but call hording millions by taking away Paul McCartney’s song rights a savvy business move! I’m certain it would come as a huge shock to them, but some people will do anything for money…Michael Jackson included!

There are two remaining points I would like to make regarding Evan and Jordan Chandler. While I don’t necessarily believe that Evan was a great guy, I don’t think he was the monster millions are convinced he was. He was already a successful screenwriter. He co-wrote the Mel Brooks produced movie, “Men in Tights” with Jordan and then approached multimillionaire Michael Jackson with the option to finance his next project. What’s wrong with that? Isn’t the United States the place where a person is free to capitalize on his or her dreams and quit drilling teeth (Chandler was a dentist.) or whatever menial job he or she has? Doesn’t that make Dr. Evan Chandler the “American Dream?” He was not trying to steal Michael Jackson’s money when he did this. This is a legitimate business proposition that happens all the time. If Chandler’s next movie turned out to be even more successful than his first, it would have made Jackson money. The irony is that if Michael had been a little more generous with Evan during this period, he would have paid a lot less than he ended up paying to brush him off.

There’s one other custom made alibi that has been tossed into the mix that his fans are convinced “proves” Michael Jackson’s innocence. A rumor surfaced that Jordan Chandler confessed to a psychiatrist that he was drugged senseless by his father and forced to tell lies against poor Michael. Similar to how some “Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow” insurance company paid a king’s ransom to save an innocent man from testifying, huge gaps exist in this justification as well.

First of all, the name of this psychiatrist has never been revealed, making it impossible to verify this information by going to it’s source and Jordan has yet to come forward to back it up or refute it. Secondly, the drug Evan is reported to have used is Sodium Amytal, the notorious “Truth Serum.” The reputation this drug has for magically forcing its hapless victims to repeat whatever lies they’re instructed to say is the stuff of cheap Hollywood movies and has been discredited over the years. (I thought truth serum was supposed to make a person tell the truth, not lies. Oh well, this is Michael Jackson. It doesn’t have to make sense!)

Studies indicate that during an Amytal administration, patients often demonstrate a distorted sense of time, show memory disturbances and have difficulty evaluating and selecting thoughts. This means that under Sodium Amytal, patients’ claims about details concerning their histories, events, places, names, dates are untrustworthy.

So why should we place so much stock in what Jordan may or may not have said while under the influence of this drug, because it helps make his father look like a villain? The lack of substance to the claim that Jordan was drugged to make him to say things he normally wouldn’t suggests that it’s just another bogus attempt to sway the public with half-baked conspiracy theories. What’s more important to note is that Jordan told officials that Jackson did inappropriate things to him even when he was no longer in his father’s presence. How do you account for that?

If it was nothing more than a greedy extortion scheme, Michael could have exposed Evan by facing him in court and showing the world what a liar he was. (You know, that thing his fans automatically call him, even though that case never went to trial?) And what about Jordan? What about the children this great humanitarian claimed he had a soft spot in his heart for? Children he had established a close, personal relationship with? If his parents were such monsters, why would he turn his back on Jordan when he needed him the most, to make his father look like a liar? It just doesn’t add up.

This is because the real Michael Jackson couldn’t be bothered with living up to his stellar image. If he was a modern day messiah of peace and hope, he wouldn’t have bailed out on Jordan the way he did. His advisors warned him that he was making a big mistake paying Evan Chandler off rather than following through with the judicial process and Jackson shot back with, “I don’t care! I just want it to be over!”

Red flags aren’t just waving now; they’re completely tattered!
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
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