After Michael Jackson Dodged the Bullet in 1993 - Charles Thomson

Learn the truth about Michael Jackson's unhealthy interest in young boys.

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After Michael Jackson Dodged the Bullet in 1993

The following content is from an unpublished book titled: "The Brass Tacks of an Over Polished Trophy". I'm unaware why it wasn't published, but it contains some good contents, and is useful to those researching Jackson's behaviour with young boys and the allegations against him. It has 12 chapters in total. Full credit goes to the original author.
After Michael Jackson dodged the bullet in 1993, he returned to his reckless way of life cockier than ever. He figured that he was so rich and famous; he could get away with anything now! With the handy “Michael didn’t pay Chandler that money, it was “His” insurance company” alibi securely in place, it was conveniently ignored that he had caved in to his accuser’s demands in order to get his case dismissed. Normally, people that want the world to know how innocent they are wouldn’t do something like that. (Unless he’s considered a saint in the first place, then he could have shot Chandler in the head and still be called innocent by his gullible fans.)

This provokes his combative tribe to label anyone that they consider to be too stupid to see how innocent their hero was as “haters.” With such blind devotion, it’s no wonder Michael Jackson came to the conclusion that rules for ordinary people didn’t apply to “The King of Popular Opinion” anymore. Peter Pan flew back to Neverland and carried on as if nothing happened. If anything, he started ushering more children into his bed than before.

After Jackson sent out party invitations to children all over the world, arrangements were made for busloads of underprivileged children to pass through the gates of Neverland. Thousands of parents lined up with their precious cargo in tow, eager to hand their children over to a man that had been accused of inappropriate behavior with a minor just a few years ago! Michael led those parents to believe that he could make their children stars. Somehow, they gleefully accepted the notion that getting cozy with Jackson was their ticket to stardom! The level of denial among these complacent fools cannot be explained.

Gavin Arvizo was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in the year 2000 and had his spleen and a kidney removed. Like Jordan, it was arranged for this dreadfully sick youngster to meet the “King of Pop.” Michael took Gavin under his wing, organizing a blood drive and accommodated transport for his chemotherapy treatment. This is also when the devious telephone calls from this international celebrity began.

Jackson had a bad habit of making hushed phone calls to little boys in the wee hours of the morning. Back in his “Thriller” days, he got into a minor scrape for calling 13-year-old Terry George for secret midnight chats. Jackson’s conversations with the boy got increasingly weirder. One night, he asked George to masturbate for him over the phone.

“He (Michael Jackson) just came straight out with his questions. I felt embarrassed and awkward. I didn’t understand what he was talking about. Then he asked, ‘Do you believe I’m doing it now?’ I said, ‘you are?’ I felt panicky and uncomfortable. I tried to steer him off the subject but he kept talking about this intimate sexual act.” –Terry George. Fortunately, they lost contact.

We can only hope that Jackson was considerably politer during the twenty or so telephone calls he made to Gavin as he recovered from his cancer treatments. Eventually, the disease went into remission and he was healthy enough to revisit Neverland Ranch. Sometime during this period, Gavin became Michael’s new “Rubba” boy and was granted the great privilege of sharing his bed. Gavin’s mom joined the list of star struck mothers that didn’t object to this insanity so long as Michael kept buying her and her family expensive gifts.

In 2002, the “Living With Michael Jackson” documentary was filmed and aired in February 2003. Michael Jackson hired journalist Martin Bashir to interview him in the privacy of his home, in a vain attempt to set the public’s mind at ease about his suspicious activities. The film begins with Michael and Martin strolling about the grounds of his amusement park after dark. All the rides are lit up and operating at full tilt with no one on them. Then we see Jackson giggling for some unknown reason as Bashir stares at the ground with a “This has to be the weirdest assignment I’ve ever accepted” look on his face. It’s a sad, peculiar scene.

Next, we’re transported to a wooded area of Neverland Ranch where Jackson breaks into a trot and scampers up a tree. He calls to Bashir, “Aren’t you coming?” Bashir answers, “No way!” Why would he hire a professional journalist to interview him and then act like he wanted to conduct the interview in a tree? Oh wait, I remember! It’s because we’re supposed view Michael Jackson as a sweet, naive little boy, that’s why!

There’s something else interesting about that scene. Michael doesn’t immediately come back down when Martin makes it clear that he isn’t about to climb a tree with his slippery street shoes on. Instead, Michael sits up there for a while. How do I know? Because it includes a scene of this man/child NOT being interviewed! He’s just sitting in the tree, seemingly reminiscing about life. As strange is it may seem, the camera catches a close up of his profile (Face it, Michael Jackson had a bizarre profile after he got his nose cut off.) The cameraman doesn’t get a shot of Jackson from the ground; he’s up in the tree with him, looking down!

Let me see if I have this right…Martin Bashir wouldn’t climb that tree because he was afraid that he might fall but a cameraman carrying cumbersome recording equipment climbed that tree to get a close up? Let’s hope he had a camcorder!

After he shows Bashir what a playful 46-year-old boy he can be, we’re finally permitted inside. The cameraman captures Jackson with a group of joy filled children, presumably Gavin and his brother and sister. The camera briefly focuses on their fresh faces briefly before landing squarely on Michael Jackson’s mangled mug. Yikes! They really ought to warn you before they do that! As you listen in on their conversation, they’re talking about how sick Gavin was before he met his “healer.” (You guessed it, “Michael Jackson.”) Gavin appears choked with emotion and looks like he’s trying not to cry.

It’s a moment that soars right over the heads of the fans that are only tuning in to see the “King of Pop.” We’re introduced to a boy on the threshold of adulthood, finally feeling well enough to do what other boys his age might do, trying hard to swallow the lump in his throat as he recalls how sick he was and MJ fans thoroughly despise every inch of him. This is the fiend that said it broke his heart when he passed Michael in the courthouse hallway and Jackson completely snubbed him.

Finally, Jackson settles down and gets down to business. Why he felt compelled to inform the world why he figures taking unrelated children into his bed is no big deal is baffling. Apparently, he was under the impression that all he would have to do is tell everyone that it was just harmless, innocent fun and everyone would love him again. It failed miserably. Part of the reason why it did was because he persuaded his latest bed buddy, Gavin Arvizo to join him on the set. This was a bad move. It’s evident that Jackson paid little or no attention to his advisers by now.

Gavin sits directly next to Jackson, holding his hand and resting his head submissively upon his shoulder. It’s a less than comforting sight for anyone that doesn’t believe that anything Michael Jackson does should be regarded as completely normal. It’s reported that he had pulled Gavin aside before the interview and told him to tell Bashir that he had slept on the floor and miraculously cured his cancer with his love. As bulletproof as Jackson may have thought this sounded, it didn’t translate well on film. Right on cue, Gavin begins gushing about what a swell time he had in Michael’s bed when suddenly, Jackson cuts in. Apparently, Gavin wasn’t sticking to his alibi faithfully enough and he felt the need to clarify that although Gavin “begged” Michael to get into bed with him… “I slept on the floor! What was I in, a sleeping bad or something?” Gavin answers with a broad smile on his face, “No, you had a pile of blankets to sleep on.”

Gavin and Michael’s recollections of what he slept on don’t match!

If you want an example of how biased the MJ community can be, this is it. These hecklers don’t hesitate to raise the roof over the way Gavin and his brother’s testimonies weren’t carbon copies of each other in Jackson’s criminal trial, claiming that proves what evil liars they were. What shall we call how Gavin and Michael’s stories don’t line up here? A coincidence?

Michael doesn’t fully confess that he invited Gavin to share his bed. What he says is that children naturally wanted to be near him every second and kept asking if they could. Jackson claims, “I told them, if your parents say it’s alright, then okay, you can.” While this makes perfect sense to the fans that were already dreaming of getting tucked into bed with Michael themselves, less infatuated people have to wonder, what do you suppose was stopping him from being the responsible adult he portrayed himself as and when those starstruck kids asked if they could sleep in his bed saying, “No, that wouldn’t be appropriate, but there’s a nice safe bed for you in my guestroom with the others and in the morning we can all go ride my roller coaster together?” You know, like a responsible adult would do?

Jackson tells Bashir, “I serve them warm milk and cookies. It’s very sweet and charming. It’s what the whole world should do!” Suddenly, his voice breaks with emotion over how “Children don’t even eat with their fathers or mothers anymore!” In an instant, all that unbearable sorrow vanishes from his voice when he adds, “The family bond has been broken” a few seconds later. Michael Jackson learned a long time ago that he could gain sympathy by turning on the ol’ tears. Here, he switches the water works on and right back off again in a blink of an eye!

The most revealing feature on Michael Jackson’s face is his eyes. It’s the only part of his face that he couldn’t change with reconstructive surgery. You can see shame in his eyes. He looks cornered; as if he’s embarrassed to have this kid cover for him. When Bashir asks, “Is it really appropriate for a grown man to share his bed with unrelated children?” Michael puts on his sweetest little boy face and answers in a tiny voice, “Of course! The most loving thing to do is to share your bed with someone!”

The problem I have with the “I slept on the floor” alibi is that Jackson candidly admits to going to bed with other children in another part of this interview. He physically places himself under the covers of his bed with Malcaulay Culkin and his sister, so why would he have alternate sleeping arrangements with Gavin? Are we to assume that his mother agreed to let her son into his bed but told the “King of Pop” that he needed to sleep on the floor?

If Michael Jackson had permission from the parents to share his bed with their children, why would he sleep on the floor? If he had nothing but good intentions for those boys, why wouldn’t he climb into bed with them and touch them with his pure, unconditional love? Wouldn’t sleeping on the floor give them the message that something was wrong? Bashir asks Gavin, “Did your parents come with you?” Gavin was clearly trying to protect his friendship with the “King of Pop” when he stammers, “Yeah, most of the time but I was (mumble, mumble) WASN’T with my parents, I was mainly with Michael.”

Let’s recap, shall we? Jackson promised those parents he would provide a nice safe bed for their kids in his guestroom. Suddenly, out of the blue, they gave a 46-year-old man accused of molesting a child in 1993 their blessing to go to bed with their children while they weren’t there? Jackson tells Bashir, “Children like to be touched!”

Later on, Bashir and Jackson sit down together without Gavin to wrap up the interview. Much to his dismay, Bashir isn’t about to accept, “I’m not Jack the Ripper! I’m Michael Jackson!” as a suitable answer to every question and continues drilling him about his bizarre habit of permitting children into his bed. (It should be mentioned that Michael Jackson is a father himself by now.)

Then Jackson says something that leaves Bashir reeling. He tells him that he should do the world a favor and take his children’s friends to bed with him! He asks if he wouldn’t take a child to bed with him if he suspected that he or she wasn’t getting enough attention at home and Bashir exclaims, “NO! I would never do that!” Michael Jackson smiles and replies, “I would.” Martin chokes out his next question, “What do you think the parents would say if I invited my children’s friends into my bed?” Michael answers, “If they were ignorant, they wouldn’t like it.” Jackson has convinced himself that he’s better for other people’s children than their own parents! He is clearly losing his mind.

Finally, Martin asks Michael the question that brings the interview to a screeching halt. He asks him why he paid Evan Chandler off. Bashir asks, “The reason why you didn’t go to jail was because you had reached a financial agreement with the family?” Michael Jackson clearly admits that he was the one that paid that money when he answers, “Yeah, I didn’t want to go through a long drawn out thing like OJ. It wouldn’t look right so I said just get it over with. I want to go on with my life.” Apparently, he thought THAT would make him look better! Bashir persists with this line of questioning until “The King” loses his cool and shouts, “I’ve had enough! GET OUT!” (The scene where Jackson loses his temper is edited from the final documentary, of course.)

The interview concludes with the sight of Bashir sadly driving down a California freeway musing, “Maybe we’ll never know the answers.”

At least he still had his head!
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
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