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Brett Barnes Redux: Michael Jackson's Most Special 'Special Friend' - Page 2

This article was originally posted on Desiree listen. The blog is no longer available online. Full credit goes to the original author.

This article will be archived on this site so people can read and freely make up their own minds without interference from Jackson's misinformation troll factory.

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Again, is it possible that, like Kassim Abdool, Chacon saw Brett Barnes instead of Jordie?

The exact same incident to which Chacon testified at trial appeared in the Prosecution's "Prior Bad Acts" motion. In the motion, the description of the boy is given in further detail and helpfully reveals who the boy Michael orally copulated really was.
As stated in the above motion, Chacon describes a male child with long hair that was dark and straight. Since this incident also happened sometime in 1992, this long-haired boy was without a doubt Brett Barnes, not Jordie Chandler. From photos available of Brett during his time as 'special friend'--such as the one I included near the beginning of this entry--Brett, not Jordie, had the long, dark, and straight hair that Chacon described the boy Michael fellated as having.
In her May 6, 2005 testimony, Lisbeth Barnes, Brett's mother, verified that her son wore his hair long:
14 Q. How old do you believe Brett is in those

15 photographs?

16 A. About 12, I would say. Probably 12, 13.

17 Probably 12, I’d say.

18 Q. He had long hair that he wore at the time?

19 A. Uh-huh.

20 Q. Did he wear long hair for a number of years

21 like that?

22 A. He did. And then he had -- he had a haircut

23 in 1993, and then he grew it again.

Ralph Chacon may have inaccurately stated on the stand that this boy had been Jordie Chandler but by the description of this 'special friend', which was also verified by his mother, the boy was Brett.

For me, I find Chacon's careful delineation quite significant.

If Chacon had stated he'd been a witness to any molestation of Michael Jackson's most notable victim, Jordie, I would have found him less credible. The reason for this is not because the molestation of Brett Barnes would fit my thesis that Michael had made victims of all or most of his 'special friends'; that is incidental. Chacon would have been less credible because it would be convenient to claim, especially as someone who had been seeking damages from Michael Jackson, he'd seen such a molestation of the victim who'd been paid a multimillion-dollar settlement.

Without any pretense, Chacon simply described the boy he saw, and it happened to be long-haired Brett Barnes. Significantly, he also described a boy who spent a lot of time at Neverland, many times without his parents. According to Brett's own testimony, he often went to Neverland by himself:
21 Q. Did you ever go to Neverland without a

22 parent going with you?

23 A. Yes.

24 Q. So sometimes you would fly all the way from

25 Australia to Neverland, is that right, by yourself?

26 A. Absolutely.
But we'll return to Chacon's eyewitness account a little later; what we know now is that Michael Jackson allegedly performed oral sex on Brett Barnes.

It is common knowledge that Michael Jackson's 'special friends' shared his bed and, apparently, the parents of these 'special friends' took no issue with their young sons being under the covers with a man in his thirties. Creepily, Brett Barnes' mother, Lisbeth, shed light on the history of her son's sleeping arrangements at Neverland.

According to Mrs. Barnes, her son began sleeping with Michael Jackson on the family's first trip to Neverland when he was just nine-years-old:

12 Q. Miss Barnes, good morning.

13 A. Good morning.

14 Q. Your child Brett was how old when he first

15 met Michael Jackson?

16 A. Nine.

17 Q. And was that on the occasion of your first

18 visit?

19 A. Going on ten. Yes.

20 Q. He was nine years old?

21 A. He may have been ten.
Continuing further along, Mrs. Barnes acknowledges her nine-year-old son, Brett, was sleeping in the bed with Michael Jackson before that first stay was over:
27 Q. At what stage did your son begin to stay in

28 his room or with him in a hotel room, together?

1 A. I don’t remember.

2 Q. Well, the first time you’re telling us --

3 A. It’s not the first few nights. It could

4 be -- I’m not really sure exactly when.

5 Q. By about the third night?

6 A. Could be. It could be a little bit later.

7 Q. Fourth night?

8 A. I don’t remember.

9 Q. This is a trip that went about three weeks;

10 is that right?

11 A. That’s correct.

12 Q. The trip was paid for entirely by Mr.

13 Jackson?

14 A. That’s correct.

15 Q. And that included all of the transportation

16 for you, your husband and your two children from

17 Australia to California and back; is that right?

18 A. That’s correct.

19 Q. As well as all of your housing

20 accommodations, travel needs and entertainment; is

21 that right?

22 A. That’s correct.

23 Q. Did he purchase gifts for the four of you

24 while he was there?

25 A. Yes, he did.

26 Q. And by the fourth night, your son was

27 sleeping in his room; is that correct?

28 A. No, I didn’t say by the fourth night he was

1 sleeping in his room.

2 Q. What night was it, then?

3 A. I’m not sure what night it was.

4 Q. Was it within the first week?

5 A. It could have been. It may have been. It

6 may not have been. I don’t remember.

7 Q. But he was sleeping with your son in the

8 same bed before this trip was over; is that correct?

9 A. That’s correct.
Notice how Assistant District Attorney Ron Zonen juxtaposes the luxury provided to the Barneses by Michael Jackson with how soon Brett began sleeping with him. Although to some it may seem as if  it is a sleazy insinuation, it is relevant. Is it not possible that the Barnes parents had been somewhat blinded by Michael's hospitality so much so they thought it rude to brandish their concern?

It is possible.

In the testimony immediately following the previous exchange, Mrs. Barnes does assert, though, this sleeping in bed with Michael Jackson was not a constant thing and occurred if only by accident.
10 Q. All right. Was he sleeping in the same bed

11 with your son for an extended period of time?

12 A. On -- no, not -- not continuously, no. Just

13 on-and-off basis when they were -- the times when my

14 son would fall asleep when we were there, and he

15 stayed there and -- rather than having to go back

16 to -- outside into the unit.
We can only speculate why Mrs. Barnes stammered in her answer; perhaps she fully knew that, while at Neverland, Brett stayed mainly in Michael Jackson's bedroom, not with his family in the guest units, but did not want to reveal this tidbit to the jury. However, Brett's sister, Karlee Barnes, was much more open about the truth in her testimony:
27 Q. BY MR. AUCHINCLOSS: Now, Miss Barnes, how

28 many nights have you spent at Neverland?

1 A. I don’t remember. It’s been that many that

2 I -- I simply can’t recall.

3 Q. Hundreds, maybe?

4 A. Well, I wouldn’t say hundreds. But

5 definitely more than 10, 20, 30 times, yes.

6 Q. More than a 100?

7 A. I don’t remember, but maybe.

8 Q. Okay. And of that 100 or so nights at

9 Neverland, you’ve spent only two nights in Mr.

10 Jackson’s room?

11 A. That I remember, yes.

12 Q. Okay. And of those 100 nights that you

13 spent at Neverland, how many nights was Mr. Jackson

14 there?

15 A. Probably about 80, 90 percent.

16 Q. Okay. And of that 100 nights, how many

17 nights was your brother there?

18 A. All the time.

19 Q. Okay. Every time that you were there?

20 A. Every time I was there, my brother was

21 there, yes.

22 Q. And of those hundred or so nights, 80

23 percent of the time your brother slept -- when Mr.

24 Jackson was there, your brother basically slept in

25 Mr. Jackson’s room virtually every one of those

26 nights, didn’t he?

27 A. Yes, because he wanted to.

28 Q. That’s a “yes” or “no” question.

1 A. Yes.
The Barnes family maintained under oath that it was always "Brett's decision" to stay the night with Michael Jackson*** and that the family had no real issues with the arrangements. However, Mrs. Barnes stated that there were conversations had between she and her husband regarding Michael Jackson's penchant for boy sleepovers.
7 Did your husband ever express any concerns

8 to you about your son sleeping in the same bed with

9 Mr. Jackson?

10 A. No.

11 Q. Did you ever discuss it with him at all?

12 A. Yes. We talked -- well, we didn’t see

13 any -- any reason -- we talked about it. It wasn’t

14 a discussion, as such, that -- because I couldn’t

15 make a decision and say, “Well, yes, it’s okay,” and

16 not consult my husband, because he’s part of the

17 family. So....
Mrs. Barnes stammers again with her answer but it is quite clear that allowing her young son to sleep in the same bed with a man in his thirties was not something a married mother could decide to allow without her husband's input. One must wonder, though, if she could answer affirmatively that her husband saw no harm in it, to what can we owe the stammering and the need to ask in the first place? The testimony continues:
18 Q. So at some point in time there was a

19 discussion that you had with your husband about your

20 son sleeping with Michael Jackson?

21 A. A conversation that we decided whether we

22 should -- whether it was okay, because we didn’t

23 want to impose on Mr. Jackson.

24 Q. Was this the sole issue that you were

25 dealing with was whether or not your son sleeping

26 with him was an imposition for Mr. Jackson? That

27 was the sole concern you had?

28 A. Yes.
I find Mrs. Barnes incredible. If the main worry was that a nine- or ten-year-old boy was 'imposing' on a superstar, they could have easily told their son he was not allowed to do so. But this does not explain her seeming trepidation with regard to answering the questions about how many conversations were had about the topic and how often Brett slept in the same bed with Michael Jackson.

1 Q. How many conversations did you have with

2 your husband about the question of where your son

3 slept?

4 A. I don’t remember.

5 Q. More than ten?

6 A. No. I don’t remember.

7 Q. Do you remember at what age your child was

8 at the time of that discussion?

9 A. No. I don’t remember.

10 Q. He could have been ten?

11 A. I don’t remember. I’m sorry.

12 Q. Could have been 13?

13 A. I don’t remember.

14 Q. Do you know if he had already been sleeping

15 with Mr. Jackson for a period of three or four years

16 by the time you had this conversation with your

17 husband?

18 A. I don’t think so.

19 Q. Well --

20 A. I think it would have been before, before

21 that.

22 Q. Perhaps a year?

23 A. No. It would have been at the beginning, I

24 guess.

25 Q. So your son was closer to age ten, or

26 perhaps age ten at the time this happened?

27 A. That’s correct. Yes.
So, we do know that, at least, in the beginning, before scruples were exchanged for luxury and the high-life, Mr. and Mrs. Barnes had been apprehensive about allowing their nine- or ten-year-old son to sleep in the bed with Michael Jackson, then a thirty-something-year-old man. Of course, Michael Jackson's fans will claim that Lisbeth Barnes was earnest in her answer that they were solely concerned about the impositions upon Michael, never that they felt understandably uneasy about the sleeping arrangements.

It is interesting to notice that Mrs. Barnes initially feigned a cloudy memory when asked how old Brett was when she and her husband had had these conversations about sleeping in Michael Jackson's bed and then finally agreed that her son was quite young, or too young to sleep with an unrelated adult male. Perhaps she knew how it sounded and how bad it made her look as a parent.

Now let's return to Ralph Chacon.

Chacon's eyewitness testimony--that he had seen Michael Jackson preform oral sex on Brett Barnes--was the catalyst for the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara district attorney's offices decision to make a trip to Melbourne, Australia in order to see if it was possible to question Brett Barnes as a part of their investigation. The trip occurred in June 1994, following the secretive yet enormous January settlement with the Chandler family; law enforcement was looking to bolster a quickly crumbling case.

According to a Prosecution motion regarding Lisbeth Barnes' anticipated testimony, Brett's mother intended to testify that District attorney Tom Sneddon had 'invented' the allegation that Michael Jackson orally copulated Brett Barnes as a way to strengthen his 2005 criminal case on the 1108 tangent.

But as stated in the motion, Mrs. Barnes knew of Ralph Chacon's allegation since Michael Jackson's first molestation scandal, and this was verified and attested to under penalty of perjury by two of those in attendance, Judge Lauren Weis-Birnstein and Deputy attorney William Hodgman.
Note the fourth picture in the set.

According to Hodgman, when the subject of Michael Jackson fellating Brett Barnes was broached, Mrs. Barnes did not protest the allegation, but merely withdrew, holding her head down, while Mr. Barnes became indignant with his wife. A few days later, the Barneses decided they would not allow Brett to cooperate with the investigation.

We can only speculate the reasoning behind Brett's parents' reactions, although it is reasonable to suspect, especially when coupled with these conversations Mrs. Barnes testified as having with her husband about the Neverland sleeping arrangements, that they, at the very least, could have expected molestation may occur or even had been occurring, perhaps under their noses, during these sleepovers. It is then when they are faced with the reality of Brett having been molested, they display the emotions of real parents.

Given Mr. Barnes' anger, perhaps he had not had knowledge of these Neverland sleepovers or that he had not directly approved them; he apparently seems to shift the onus of blame for Brett's molestation onto his wife.

One also has to wonder what moved the Barneses from possibly allowing Brett to cooperate with the investigation to disallowing him to do so.

We do know two things: Mrs. Barnes lied about District attorney Sneddon making up an allegation of oral sex between Brett and Michael Jackson, for she had known about the incident to which Ralph Chacon was witness to since 1994; additionally, they did not deny it, but felt gutted and, in Mr. Barnes' case, angry that it had happened.

The interesting thing about this 1994 meeting is that, according to testimony, Mrs. Barnes offered to testify in Michael Jackson's 2005 trial (Brett Barnes offered as well following his being contacted by Brian Oxman****) but had previously refused to cooperate in 1994 with regards to the alleged molestation of her own son. Perhaps she found it easier to cooperate in 2005 when Brett had not been a (recent) victim.

This lack of cooperation, of course, occurred after Brett Barnes had appeared on television vouching for Michael Jackson's character; rather, before there had been any allegation of sexual misconduct on Michael's part against Brett, the Barneses had no problem appearing in Anthony Pellicano's televised and well-orchestrated attempts to paint Jordie Chandler as the 'lone liar' among all of the other 'special friends'.
The question remains: why cooperate to defend Michael Jackson in 1993 but not cooperate with a simple questioning of Brett Barnes in 1994? If Brett was never a victim of molestation, as was contended in 1993 and then again in court in 2005, surely his parents would have felt it fine to allow him to be questioned in 1994. After all, no harm could have come to Brett if Michael was, as he stated in the video, like one's "father/brother/sister/mother" and that Brett felt as though he knew Michael in a "past life"!

The simplest explanation for this reticence on the part of the Barnes family is that they had something they wanted to hide from police, or something they chose to hide about Michael from the police; notice how two days elapsed following the meeting in Melbourne, Australia before they decided to not participate.

Maybe money exchanged hands.

Ralph Chacon's positive ID of Brett Barnes as having been the boy on whom Michael performed oral sex and the reactions of the Barnes parents after hearing of such allegations is an explosive indication that Brett was involved in sexual activity with Michael Jackson at some point in time. Naturally, it was expected, especially given the sheer amount of nights he spent in Michael's bed, a total of 365 days at one point according to sister, Karlee.
  18 Now, when you went on tour with Mr. Jackson,

  19 you spent how many nights on tour?

  20 A. Well, as I said, it was about half the year

  21 I was in Europe when I was in the seventh grade, and

  22 about half of the year I was in South America in the

  23 seventh -- in the eighth grade.

  24 Q. How old was your brother at that time?

  25 A. I was what, 13, 14. So he would have been

  26 about 11 or 12.

  27 Q. And virtually every night on that tour, Mr.

  28 Jackson slept with your brother Brett?

  1 A. Yes.

  2 Q. How many nights would that have been,

  3 approximately?

  4 A. Let’s see, let’s divide 365 days into half.

  5 Q. Okay. Is that about it? About --

  6 A. Well, if I said I spent half the year

  7 overseas with him one year and half of the year

  8 overseas with him the other year, I think that would

  9 total about 365 days altogether.

  10 Q. Okay. So 365 nights he spent the night

  11 alone with your brother in his room?

  12 A. Yes.
We all know that Brett Barnes gave testimony on the stand that he slept with Michael Jackson in the same bed--even when other beds were available--until he was at least nineteen-years-old.

Given the timeline helpfully revealed by Lisbeth Barnes, Brett slept with Michael Jackson from age nine to age nineteen, a total of ten years! This is in stark contrast to the other boys, such as Wade Robson, who said he stopped sharing Michael Jackson's bed when he was thirteen- or fourteen-years-old. His May 5, 2005 testimony on the subject:
23 Q. When did you stop sleeping with Mr. Jackson?

24 A. I guess when I was about, I don’t know,

25 maybe 13, 14, something like that.

26 Q. Why did you stop?

27 A. I didn’t stop sleeping with him. I just

28 haven’t spent the night with him, I mean, in his

1 room or anything like that since then, I don’t

2 think.
(To note: Wade Robson saying that he "didn't stop sleeping with" Michael does not mean he continued to sleep in the same bed, but that he was 'clarifying' the Prosecution's use of the term "sleeping with", which tends to denote sex.)

And Brett's:
9 Q. So you stayed in the room with Michael

10 Jackson when you were 18 years old?

11 A. Yeah.

12 Q. You’re 22 now?

13 A. 23. 23.

14 Q. So you were 19 years old?

15 A. Yeah, I guess.

16 Q. Did you share a bed with him at that time?

17 A. Yeah, I did.
The colossal question is why would a nineteen-year-old man sleep in the same bed as a man in his forties? And why did Brett not simply 'grow out' of these Neverland sleepovers, like Wade and, doubtless, other 'special friends' did?

I find that the simplest explanation would be that Brett Barnes was in love with Michael Jackson. It would go well to explaining how a decade could pass and he still insisted on sleeping with him. According to Brett, had Michael Jackson not had children, he would have continued to sleep in the same bed with him.
12 Q. Do you still sleep with Michael Jackson?

13 A. No, I don’t.

14 Q. How old were you when you stopped sleeping

15 with Michael Jackson?

16 A. I couldn’t tell you that.

17 Q. Why don’t you still sleep with Michael

18 Jackson?

19 A. Well, he’s got kids now.

20 Q. And?

21 A. And I -- it would be purely speculation if I

22 told you. I could not answer that knowingly,

23 like -- it’s just --
What would be purely speculation about answering why he stopped sharing Michael Jackson's bed? If what Ralph Chacon saw--oral sex between Michael and Brett--is any indication of the types of goings-on  between the two during their sleepovers, it is no surprise Brett wanted to continue to have them!

And these sexual games of course could not occur if any of his young children were in the room.

At the end of all of this Brett Barnes exploration, what do we have?

We have a couple who, in March 1992, heard strange sexual noises--and we know this because they reported it due to Michael Jackson's child molestation scandal--from Michael's train compartment, his only companion within the compartment being Brett Barnes. They then reported the strange sounds to the train's conductor and then, over a year later, to the police.

We have the eyewitness testimony of former security guard Ralph Chacon, who witnessed Michael Jackson performing fellatio on a long-haired young boy who spent lots of time at Neverland without his parents. Although Chacon stated incorrectly during the trial that the boy he had seen was Jordie Chandler (who did not have long, dark, and straight hair), his physical description of Brett Barnes enabled investigators to positively identify the boy, so much so they traveled to Australia to talk to the Barnes family.

We then have Jordie Chandler, the enigmatic accuser who became a multimillionaire, who told his father of a strange and inappropriate activity Michael shared about applying Vaseline to Brett's anus, allegedly as a way to assuage the boy's constipation because he would be torn and bleed if not for the soothing petroleum jelly. We can only speculate whether what was recorded in the chronology should be taken at face value or, rather, should we take notice of the fact that Michael could've been revealing the Vaseline activity to Jordie as a surreptitious 'introduction' into anal play, and more specifically, anal sex.

Evan Chandler apparently extrapolated the real meaning of the task and boldly suggested Brett should get a medical examination; he felt Brett could be demonstrative in establishing Michael Jackson's prolific molestation of boys.

Although we cannot be entirely certain who the boy was that Kassim Abdool saw when he allegedly fetched an aroused Michael Jackson a tub of Vaseline, if he, too, like Ralph Chacon, was confused by Jordie Chandler and Brett Barnes given their like features and coloring, it is possible we have an eyewitness to this Vaseline activity between Michael and Brett. It would be the simplest explanation when we couple Jordie's revelation that Michael Jackson used Vaseline to manipulate Brett's damaged anus.

Finally, we have Brett Barnes' own conduct: the sleepovers he insisted on having--as demonstrated by Lisbeth and Karlee Barnes--that went on for a decade, only ending because Michael Jackson had children. Michael Jackson claimed sleepovers with children--by extrapolation, this includes his 'special friends'--consisted of cookies, soft music, and warm milk before tucking them into bed; it is doubtful Michael Jackson had tucked a nineteen-year-old man into bed.

The only rational conclusion one could make for what went on during those sleepovers between two sexually-mature adult men in bed together is some kind of sexual relations.

When I asked last time "Was Brett Barnes a victim?", all I had was notes given to Chandler attorneys and Jordie's interview with Dr. Richard Gardner to substantiate my claims; I was merely establishing reasonable suspicion that Brett could have been sexually abused. Now, we have credible eyewitnesses who've added sex into the equation.

To me, none of this is terribly complicated, nor should it be. Michael Jackson and his besotted boy, Brett, were sex partners from the time Brett was nine until he was nineteen. There no longer can be any doubt the sexuality of their 'special friendship', given the powerful evidence in support of it.

* The drawn description that appears in Victor Gutierrez's book Michael Jackson Was My Lover is not the same description Jordie Chandler made for police in 1993, which was the subject of this Prosecution motion regarding whether Jordie's description of Michael Jackson's splotched penis given to Rosibel Ferrufino should be admissible. The drawn description in Gutierrez's book is the description dictated by Jordie Chandler to his father, Evan Chandler, and, as such, appears in Evan's handwriting. This was the description given to the Chandler attorneys.

** According to Diane Dimond's book Be Careful Who You Love in the chapter "The Neverland Five", she notes that one of the OSS guards named a defendant in the lawsuit brought by the 'Neverland Five', Jerome Johnson, gave a court-sworn declaration stating Michael Jackson's chief of security, Bill Bray, and Bettye Bailey, who worked with Bray, both stated they had lied to the 1994 investigating grand jury about Michael's molestation of young boys. From page 180 of the paperback edition:
Jerome Johnson said he called Bettye Bailey in Los Angeles so she could try to calm Bill Bray [following an altercation with one of the OSS guards]. The next thing he knew Michael Jackson was calling on the phone to speak to Bray. Jerome said he was standing in the doorway and was able to overhear Bray's part of the conversation.

"Mr. Bray was upset with Mr. Jackson, and he was telling Mr. Jackson how [he] had lied to the grand jury about Mr. Jackson's molesting boys to protect Mr. Jackson. After the conversation, Bill Bray told me directly that he had lied to the grand jury regarding Michael Jackson molesting little boys. Bettye Bailey also told me she knew that Mr. Jackson had been molesting little boys."
While this declaration had been given by Jerome Johnson, he, unfortunately, was caught trying to extort $7 million from Michael Jackson and pled the Fifth amendment when put on stand, thus, not helping the 'Neverland Five's' case. It is worth noting that Johnson, who had worked for Michael Jackson for seven years, would have only been successful in extorting Michael had he had real insider dirt; extortion is only feasible when the extortioner has something over the extorted's head.

*** Carl Toms, the author of the controversial and highly informative analysis Michael Jackson's Dangerous Liaisons, noted with regard to Karlee Barnes' testimony of Brett's 'wanting' to sleep in the bed with Michael Jackson thusly, from page 491:
She insisted she had no reason to believe anything illegal happened, with that turn of phrase ["My brother wanted it,"] she might as well have said right out, "My brother wanted sex"--and it could be that is what she would have said, but for the fact she was there to get Michael out of trouble, not drop him in it. The fact that Brett "wanted it", whatever "it" was, found further evidence in the young man's own testimony (allowing for his "speculative" memory) that he was no less than nineteen on the final occasion when he shared Michael's bed--positively geriatric in terms of Michael's preferences. One feels by this time the star may have been charitably doing Brett a favour.
One knows full well that Karlee did not mean "Brett wanted sex" but Toms accurately characterizes the most likely reason why Brett, in comparison to all other 'special friends', continued to sleep in the bed with Michael Jackson.

**** As an interesting tangent to Brian Oxman's contacting Brett Barnes to testify in court, according to Maureen Orth's July 2005 Vanity Fair article "CSI: Neverland", Oxman also offered Jordie Chandler money to not testify in Michael Jackson's 2005 trial:
Sneddon's biggest disappointment was that Chandler, now 26, refused to testify in the current case. For a year and a half Sneddon entreated him, but he also gave him his word that he would not subpoena him. Chandler was in fact pressured by both sides. I have learned that a prosecution witness told authorities that Brian Oxman, a member of the original defense team and a Jackson-family lawyer, had obtained Chandler's cell-phone number and placed repeated calls to him. In addition, Oxman reportedly told Chandler he could write his own check if he would refuse to testify. That information is in the hands of the law, which could investigate for obstruction of justice. (Oxman said he is prevented from commenting because of the gag order.)
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
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