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Learn the truth about Michael Jackson's unhealthy interest in young boys.

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The truth about Michael's money...and Jackson family greed

This article was originally posted on Desiree listen. The blog is no longer available online. Full credit goes to the original author.

This article will be archived on this site so people can read and freely make up their own minds without interference from Jackson's misinformation troll factory.
There has been much talk about Michael Jackson's will.

I have heard some people allege his will, made official in 2002, was signed while Michael was under the influence of prescription pills or that he was tricked into signing the document or some other nonsense.

I don't buy any of that crap. Although I cannot be completely certain, I feel strongly Michael was completely lucid when he organized and signed his will.

My suspicion has always been it was the Jackson family who first circulated the idea that Michael was somehow 'not all there' when he signed his will for the simple fact he did not leave them any money!

News of the World has obtained a full copy of Michael's will, and the accompanying story further legitimized my belief in the de facto position of Jackson greed.

It's truly disgusting.

A quick overview of the basics of Michael's will, in terms of his estate:

Michael allotted 40 percent to his mother, Katherine, 40 percent to his children--Prince, Paris, and Blanket--and 20 percent to any children's charities the executors feel are deserving:
As stated in the first and second documents, the 'committee'--consisting of the estate executors and Katherine Jackson--have the ability to create a charity under the guise of benefiting children. Even if they may have to get past John Branca and John McClain for complete approval, if you ever see, in the near future, any one of the Jacksons starting a charity for children, best believe it is a scam to get part of that 20 percent...

The children are slated to receive their monies around thirty years old! This actually doesn't surprise me; Michael himself has stated his dislike of spoiled Hollywood rich kids. While the children can petition for cash from their trust funds and will be well-furnished until age 21, they will only be allowed full access to it once they are well into adulthood.

So, it is a good way to at least lessen the likelihood of any one of his children turning into Paris Hilton types. Well, maybe...
Michael also allotted funds for his favorite nephews and cousins: Tito Jackson's three sons of the group 3T--TJ, Taj, and Taryll Jackson--and three of his younger cousins, Levon, Anthony, and Elijah Jackson:
Despite this, however, none of them will receive anything unless Michael's three children die without having children of their own. So, basically, they aren't going to get anything directly from his estate; money received would merely be an unexpected windfall and highly unlikely to boot. But the thought was there.

Also, there had been fuss (Jackson created, of course) over who had been designated as the executors of Michael's estate:  
As one can see from the document above, Michael clearly named whom he wanted to take control of his estate upon his death, and John Branca and John McClain are currently doing their duties to Michael. Thus, the objections from grifter-controlled Jackson family members are most definitely misplaced, to say the least.

Finally, Michael stipulated a 'no contest' clause. In a nutshell, it forbade any beneficiary to contest any part of the will or trust lest they lose their inheritance:
This was, of course, another intelligent move on Michael's part. I guess he knew his family, didn't he? He probably suspected someone would eventually chew Katherine's ear and get her to contest some aspect of the will and her money would immediately go to her three grandchildren, who wouldn't be able to touch their trusts until most of the Jackson family are well into old age.

But, then again, Joe still swindles and grifts as a member of senior citizenry, so, I guess it is still possible for his own children to do the same, no?

Outside of those mentioned, Michael left no monies to any other family members or to close friends.

There has been erroneous speculation with regards to Michael having had a fourth child, Omer Bhatti. What is evident by these trust documents and his short will is Michael did not have any children outside of Prince, Paris, and Blanket. If Michael had had another child he would have immediately created another document to provide for them; as it stands, Michael first met Omer in 1996, years before he drafted and signed his will and trusts.

So, everyone still speaking the 'Omer Bhatti is Michael's son!' nonsense need to go somewhere and sit down.

With the specifics of the will and trust laid out, you would think no one would or could find a way to make a stink over it.


Such naivete must be abandoned when dealing with the Jackson family.
But the documents have caused disquiet among Jackson family members. One said: "There are many strange things in this trust. Rebbie and LaToya were so very close to their brother that he would've wanted to leave them with something."
The quote above from a Jackson family source is simultaneously laughable and frightening. I truly wonder whether the family source is someone close to La Toya. She is the type who frequents British and other European tabloids.

That aside, La Toya should never, ever expect to get anything from Michael. She knows if any inheritance was received, she, too, would be surprised, along with everyone else in the world! We can't forget she called him a pedophile during the height of the 1993 child molestation allegations. It doesn't matter what anyone says about her having been 'brainwashed' by Jack Gordon.

None of that matters!

La Toya has always played the perpetual victim; she never bothered to take responsibility for her actions. We've all seen the video clip of her in Tel Aviv 'reading' a card of 'what to say' regarding Michael and young boys; it's either La Toya had the greatest script and she's the best actress in the world or she was thinking all of that stuff herself.

She burned her bridges with Michael. They were very close and, even when they had made amends, I believe she was most certainly kept at a distance. I'm all for second chances but La Toya was rightfully shunned.
Last night a family insider said: "Michael had his fallings out with his father and brothers but, being the generous soul he was, it's almost unbelievable he left them with nothing."
Once again, complete nonsense.

Michael's so-called 'falling out' with his father began when he was still a teen and lasted right up until his death. Joe's own protestations for money--in the form of a 'monthly allowance' of $15,000 to cover entertainment, dining out, and traveling expenses--following his son's death underscore the savage insensitivity he had with regards to his son.

Similar to La Toya, it is silly for Joe to have ever expected a penny from Michael.

I won't discuss Michael's other brothers and sisters. Outside of Jermaine, Randy and La Toya, respectively, I have a hard time believing any of the others would have a problem with how Michael divided his estate.

What is evident from the quotes by News of the World's Jackson family insiders is the family members cut from the will completely are flabbergasted 'weak and controlled' Michael saw fit to remember their grifting! I sincerely believe this is true.
"The family are staggered that Michael signed - or even agreed to it." There was concern, too, that Katherine has still not received her share. "Katherine should be due her $99m now - and we are wondering why she hasn't received that yet. The money is in the bank from the deals, and Michael's orders are clear on the documents. As yet the estate administrators and Katherine have not even discussed this. There is much ill-feeling in the family over this, because for years Katherine has always relied on Michael's money. As of today it is not around. The house needs improvements, security could be improved and Katherine would want to lavish money on her grandchildren and give to good causes. The law and paperwork is on her side - and she has given up challenging the estate to get the money she deserves."
When will they ever be ashamed?

When will the madness end?

'Lavish money on her grandchildren' are code words for financially supporting the nappy-headed children born to Jermaine and Randy's tag team baby mama, Alejandra Oaziaza Jackson. 'Give to good causes' really means to the causes of Joe, Jermaine, Randy, and La Toya.

This would all be so funny if it wasn't so damned deadly. Because, as we all know, 'greed' is one of the 7 Deadly Sins.

It is all quite clear: there can be no other reason to dredge up the complete and utter fiction of Michael being in a so-called 'shaky mental state' when he agreed to and signed his own will outside of a desperation to get hands on unattainable cash.

Prince, Paris, and Blanket are young enough to still be manipulated by grifters. While any one of the Jacksons can most certainly request a higher than normal allowance from the estate in order to take care of the children's needs, all the while pocketing the difference (the current allowance is $81,000 per month), their fortunes are at least safe from direct access by the vultures.

However, Katherine, also known to be quite gullible and easily manipulated, is not as lucky. Her trust can be accessed, which would explain why her 40 percent (which is estimated to be in the $99 million range) is being demanded.

I don't believe Katherine should have to want for anything--that clearly would be against Michael's wishes--but there is nothing good that can come out of giving an eighty-year-old woman $99 million dollars.

Nothing. good.

The desire for expediency in handing over her monies means some one has most likely already struck a deal, of sorts, with Katherine to get a piece of the pie. Although it is her money, I doubt Michael wanted any of his brothers or sisters to get any of it.

I mean, Katherine, sleep with your eyes open.

Seriously, think of it: there is this whole notion of 'it takes one to know one'. If Joe and La Toya can come up with conspiracies about Michael being murdered over money, they are capable of acting in cahoots with someone to do the same thing against Katherine, and hiding her monies in off-shore, untouchable accounts before it is given to the children.

Look, I'm just putting the possibility out there... If Katherine suddenly falls down the stairs after receiving a multi-million dollar lump sum, the police should investigate all possible angles. The same goes for if one of the children dies mysteriously or Blanket finally is zapped to death with a stun gun.

The shock and awe resonating from the Jackson family over this is truly sickening. Instead of seeing the 'big picture' of Michael wanting to ultimately support his three children and, by donating 20 percent of his estate to children's causes, children en masse, they see it only as 'We don't get any money!'

Not only that, they don't understand taking cuts for themselves would take money away from Michael's children.

This all was precisely the reason Michael didn't leave them anything or associate with them. Because they are greedy.  

La Toya, Jermaine, Randy, and Joe: keep making that tabloid money because that is all any of you deserve.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
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