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Learn the truth about Michael Jackson's unhealthy interest in young boys.

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EXPLOSIVE PROOF: Michael Jackson was gay

This article was originally posted on Desiree speaks...so listen. The blog is no longer available online. Full credit goes to the original author.

This article will be archived on this site so people can read and freely make up their own minds without interference from Jackson's misinformation troll factory.
As the title suggests, I have found evidence proving that Michael Jackson was indeed a homosexual. However, before the proverbial 'reveal', let us quickly remember some of the "Michael Jackson was gay" stories that have come out over the years...

Shortly after Michael's untimely death, investigative journalist Ian Halperin published his book Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson. Although Halperin spent roughly nine chapters rehashing pro-Michael Jackson spin regarding his child molestation cases in 1993 and 2005, claiming he'd been the victim of 'extortion', 'lies', and 'innuendo', one of the major attractions of his book was that he claimed to have spoken to some of Michael's gay lovers who confirmed the obvious: Michael Jackson was gay.

Halperin even alleged that Michael had been a 'bottom' and would dress up as a woman when going on these late-night trysts.

However, the believability of Ian Halperin's claims are predicated upon the ability to prove that said alleged gay lovers sworn to secrecy through typical Jacko confidentiality agreements actually existed. But the de facto rule for investigative journalists is that they are not to reveal their sources of confidential information.

Halperin's 'Michael Jackson gay lovers' could be neither proved or disproved and, thus, the whole story was quickly tossed to the wayside as yet another salacious tabloid rumor, perhaps even made up by Halperin himself to sell books.

It was then in May 2010 that I chronicled the tantalizing story of Jason Pfeiffer, an attractive but exceedingly corpulent man, and his revelation that he had been in a two-month love affair with Michael.
There is no point in rehashing the whole story, given the above links, but Jason Pfeiffer did not strike anyone as a particularly believable sex partner for Michael due to his girth.

As of yet, there has been no one to come forward denouncing Jason's story as 'lies' outside of Michael's family, and we all know Michael Jackson was not close to his family and kept them out of his personal life. All we have is Dr. Arnold Klein's confirmation and Elizabeth Taylor's response to Klein's lack of scruples in airing out a patient's dirty laundry.

She never disputed Klein's claim about Michael having been gay, people should realize; she merely derided him for having a big mouth. Her lack of defense was actually a confirmation of Michael's homosexuality, although many fans would disagree.

A reader of this blog went 'undercover' investigating Jason Pfeiffer and any web-available friends of Jason's. One friend she came into contact with was a man named Paul Camuso, who had tweeted (look at the tweets around May) in support of Jason following his Extra TV interview in which he revealed he'd been with Michael.

It was via Facebook that she got ahold of Camuso and he sent her the following message:
But again, the above can be dismissed as nothing more than hearsay of an alleged relationship that may have never been. It does not mean Camuso himself is a liar or complicit in Jason's 'con-game'; it simply means, because Camuso could trust Jason Pfeiffer due to their friendship, he was gullible enough to buy the story.

The alternative, of course, is that these individuals believed Jason because they knew Michael was gay.

Jason Pfeiffer, however, was not the only man who'd alleged sexual contact (Jason did claim he and Michael's relationship was consummated) with Michael Jackson.

In April 2004, the late Liberace's ex-boyfriend, Scott Thorson, told the National Enquirer he and Michael had had gay sex back in 1979. That issue of the magazine is unavailable but this site provides an idea of what Thorson said:
Scott also made claims to American tabloid the National Enquirer, alleging he had sex with pop star Michael Jackson. Their sex took place in 1979, shortly after they were introduced by Liberace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Scott recalls,

"The day Michael and I met we hit it off. We spent days running around Las Vegas together. Michael wanted to spend all his free time with me. We are only five months apart [both 20 y.o.] in age so we had a lot in common with each other."

Scott claims his relationship with Jackson intensified in London in the early 80s, where Liberace was performing and Jackson was working on a selection of songs with Paul. Scott continues,

"We were two young men extremely attracted to each other. You could've cut the sexual tension with a knife. I was standing only a few feet away from Michael when he motioned with his hand to come over to him and join him in bed. I climbed onto the bed. Our lovemaking session lasted about an hour."

Scott, who claims he had sex with Jackson again for the final time a day later at Lord Montague's house in the outskirts of London, says he visited the singer on two occasions years later at a hotel where he alleges Jackson was in possession of what looked like gay porn magazines featuring young boys.

While Scott's romance with Liberace later fizzled, his friendship with Jackson also deteriorated because of the singer's alleged porn habit. Scott later fell into a spiral of drug abuse and is now battling hepatitis C.

National Enquirer says it put Scott through a lie detector test over the claims--which he passed in the presence of an expert. And now Scott declares he's willing to testify about his alleged affair in Jackson's current child molestation case. He adds,

"If the district attorney wants to talk to me about my experiences with Michael Jackson I would be more than happy to tell him the truth. And if Michael tries to deny what I've said about our homosexual acts in London, I challenge him to take a polygraph. I did."
As with Jason Pfeiffer, I find Scott Thorson's tales of sex with Michael Jackson somewhat believable, however, I realize his drug abuse can raise a red flag. Perhaps Thorson could have concocted a story for the Enquirer because he was hurting for cash?

Given the circumstances, he proves an incredible witness.

But what about the congeries of heterosexual pornography?

It's true: police found lots of porn in Michael's home, loads of it, enough to make Michael's most ardent female defenders blush.
(left: here; right: here)
The fact Michael owned these heterosexual materials (more than what is listed above, also read here) would seem to suggest he had at least some particulate interest in women...

Of course, in light of newly found evidence, the epic debate over Michael Jackson's 'heterosexuality' seems to be moot. It had been moot before, given the serious lack of female companions until after the Jordie Chandler scandal when, all of a sudden, Michael felt the need to be involved with a woman.

But let's get to the revelation I found as I was digging for documents.

In January 2005, Michael Jackson's defense team sought to exclude certain pieces of evidence they believed to be incendiary, prejudicial, and irrelevant to the case. These pieces of evidence were termed the "14 items", among them being any discussion of the 'Baby-dangling' incident, Michael's gratuitous plastic surgeries, Ray Chandler's All That Glitters, and Victor Gutierrez's Michael Jackson Was My Lover.

Apparently, the defense team was successful in their motion because none of the "14 items" on the list made it in front of the jury or even into the media (well, no report to which I am aware).

But it was "Item #13" that is of special interest in this post.
Did everyone read that carefully?

DNA analysis done on Michael Jackson's mattress uncovered the DNA of TWO UNKNOWN MEN, as well as the DNA from Michael Jackson himself. More DNA analysis uncovered the DNA of ANOTHER UNKNOWN MAN on the bed clothes.

For those too 'shocked' to do the math, IRREFUTABLE SCIENTIFIC TESTING found a total of four semen stains (also referred to as 'male DNA') on Michael 'womanizer' Jackson's bed.

Blood stains were also found on the mattress, as well as wine stains. From the search transcript:
It would seem that Michael was having a good time.

It should be noted that no DNA from any woman was found on Michael Jackson's bed, only the DNA of men, including--and it does bear repeating--Michael Jackson's semen. There had also been semen from a man other than Michael in a pair of underwear in the laundry bag with the semen-stained bed sheets and Michael's own underwear.
Because the prosecution sought to still include the underwear in their case-in-chief, though it did not contain either the semen from Gavin or Star Arvizo, as proof of Gavin's claim that Michael Jackson would keep the semen-covered underwear in his possession (perhaps after sexual activity with men as well), the defense countered with the suggestion that the underwear in a laundry bag could have been from a guest or family member visiting the ranch; the important thing was that it was neither of the Arvizo boys' semen.

Of course, this is entirely possible, but it does not explain away the evidence of other men's semen on Michael's mattress. I also wonder why would Michael's own underwear be in the laundry bag containing the underwear of a guest?

That does not seem likely. Those were Michael's nights and the evidence of his sex with men in his own sheets on his own previously-stained mattress!

Interestingly enough, in that motion in response, the defense stated this particular laundry bag was allegedly found in some sort of storage area at least eight months following Gavin's alleged molestation. But how does that disprove the notion Michael Jackson kept soiled underwear containing the semen from men (or from boys or teenage males) to whom he engaged in sexual activity (his own underwear, it bears repeating, was found with the sheets and the soiled underwear from the unknown man)? Eight months seems a long time not to wash the linens!

Soiled underwear had also been found in the storage unit obtained by New Jersey businessman Henry Vaccaro. (To note, any mention of Henry Vaccaro and the Jackson items found in his storage unit, labeled "Item #12" among the defense's "14 items", was to be barred.)
Ultimately, the underwear in question did not have relevant DNA and was rightly excluded.

However, there had been reports from staff members that Michael did keep soiled sheets (semen, blood, and feces-encrusted) and segmented them from other laundry to be cleaned.

But all of the above is ancillary to the fact at hand: Michael Jackson's mattress, mattress pad, bed sheets, and a pair of underwear found in Michael's possession contained the DNA (semen) of three different men.

If Michael had been uninterested in sex or deemed 'asexual' publicly, he was having sex with males in his own bed at Neverland. This was proven through scientific testing.

Now, what about the aforementioned gay anecdotes? Is it possible that Halperin talked to Michael's gay lovers? How about Jason Pfeiffer? Or even Scott Thorson? Could they now be plausible, owing to the fact Michael had sex with men?

What about the rumors Michael Jackson had to face his whole career regarding his sexual orientation? What about Jermaine's assertion that all of the Jackson boys hated the thought of having a gay brother? What about Joe Jackson's blow-up at the word 'partner' in relation to Michael's love life?

For me, it seemed obvious Michael was gay; it was just his legions of female fans refused to see what had been right in front of their faces. They cling to Lisa Marie Presley, for even though her union with Michael began suspiciously and ended quickly, it was at least some proof Michael had been with a woman, someone, thank God, outside of his usual companions of choice: little boys.

Of course, these fans ignore the fact gay men can have sex with women, as well as the obvious goal of Michael's marriage with Lisa Marie: he wanted children and sex with a woman was the only way to have them.

But denial and spin--from friends, confidants, and family--does not erase truth, and, in this case, the truth had been established through the scientific analysis of semen stains on Michael Jackson's mattress.

What is quite interesting, retrospectively speaking, is that Michael's defense attorneys never tried to show any kind of evidence of Michael being with a woman.

When Wade Robson was questioned by Tom Mesereau on the stand, the only woman he'd seen with Michael was Lisa Marie Presley, a dubious choice if there was any:
7 Q. Have you seen Mr. Jackson with women in your

8 lifetime?

9 A. With what kind of woman? A woman that he’s

10 in a relationship with?

11 Q. That he’s been married to.

12 A. Yeah, with Lisa Marie.
It seemed as if Tom Mesereau had to help young Wade.

The same went when Ronald Zonen questioned Brett Barnes, who'd traveled extensively with Michael while he was the current 'special friend' of choice:
7 Q. Was there ever a woman traveling with Mr.

8 Jackson while you were traveling with him?

9 A. A woman?

10 Q. Yes.

11 A. I’m not -- what do you mean, though?

12 Q. Somebody with whom he was close to. I don’t

13 mean an assistant. I mean a friend or a girlfriend.

14 A. Not that I recall.

15 Q. At the time that you were traveling with him

16 in South America, was he ever traveling with a

17 woman? And I don’t mean an assistant. A

18 girlfriend.

19 MR. MESEREAU: Object as beyond the scope.

20 THE COURT: Sustained.
Both men had to evaluate the question before answering it because Michael Jackson never had women around him who were not working for him, save Lisa Marie Presley. The idea was evidently quite foreign.

There are innumerable examples of Michael's disinclination for women but I will not list them here. I will say, however, his collection of books showcasing naked men, sometimes engaged in graphic sexual activity, is not the type of collection you'd expect from a heterosexual man, especially a former Jehovah's Witness!

Maybe the notion of the heterosexual pornography being primarily for the boys is not so far-fetched. According to this story on the Smoking Gun, Omer Bhatti, who was questioned following the raid, became nervous when asked about porn:
Investigator Jeffrey Ellis testified [to the Grand Jury] that when he "broached the subject of pornography," [Omer] Bhatti became nervous and "seemed to have trouble forming a sentence. It was almost like a stutter." Ellis added that when he asked Bhatti a series of questions about the consumption of wine and alcohol and references to "Jesus Juice," he saw "that same type of uneasiness in him that I noticed when I started talking to him about pornography."
Whatever the pornography was for (and I believe it was for the boys) and whatever fantasy it represented, the images stayed between the glossy magazine covers, never being realized.

Now, the reality is quite clear, no longer innuendo or cruel rumor, and the evidence speaks for itself: Michael Jackson had sex with men and his semen-soaked mattress proved it back in 2003.

Michael Jackson was gay. Anyone thinking otherwise--even going so far as to try an rationalize these explosive and irrefutable, scientifically-proven facts to provide Michael some possibility of heterosexuality--need to just accept it.

Michael had gay sex with men. The evidence is there, in black and white, to support this bombshell. What's it to you?

I will close with an excerpt from page 265 of the paperback edition of Michael Jackson: Unauthorized:
[Kenneth] Choi, who according to staffers "practically lived" at the ranch for a time, claimed that Michael developed an intimate friendship with him as well. Choi and Michael sat on Jackson's bed, and said Choi, "cuddled each other, laughed, and cried. I told him I loved him, and he said he loved me."

It was during one of these "cuddling" sessions in Michael's bedroom, Choi said, that Michael confided in him the reason he could never be intimate with a woman. "Only a woman," Michael claimed, "can destroy me."
I never intended I'd owe my Jacko-related fifteen minutes of fame to two tediously researched posts debunking the myth of Michael Jackson's alleged heterosexuality.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
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