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Learn the truth about Michael Jackson's unhealthy interest in young boys.

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Michael Jackson Wasn’t an Angel

The following content is from an unpublished book titled: "The Brass Tacks of an Over Polished Trophy". I'm unaware why it wasn't published, but it contains some good contents, and is useful to those researching Jackson's behaviour with young boys and the allegations against him. It has 12 chapters in total. Full credit goes to the original author.
I hope the day arrives when the world realizes that Michael Jackson wasn’t an angel and Evan Chandler wasn’t a demon. They were both men with dreams. At least Evan had a sense of humor. “Men in Tights” may not have been the masterpiece “Peter Pan” was to Michael Jackson but it was a pretty funny movie.

It’s hard not to notice how much Michael identified with Disney characters. Walt Disney was like the father he never had. (His family even tried to get him buried next to Disney when he died.) Jackson positioned statues of Disney figures to stand guard in the hallways of Neverland. It was as if he longed to become a comic book hero!

Of course, there will always be others that see the darker side of Disney in Michael Jackson. They see “Donkey Island.” You remember, the place overindulgent bad boys go to turn into the animals they are? I can almost picture Lampwick luring Pinocchio to follow him to Neverland Ranch, a wonderful place where kids can do whatever they please!

Anyone that can’t get enough of Jackson’s make believe world should watch “Ghosts,” a short film made by Michael Jackson that barely saw the light of day because of how insane it is. It opens with a mob of torch carrying townsfolk, led by a man bearing a strong resemblance to Tom Sneddon. (The prosecuting attorney in Jackson’s criminal trial.) When they reach the gates of a spooky castle, the children whisper, “Why don’t we just leave him alone? He hasn’t hurt anyone.” (Not yet anyway!) The sinister old man grumbles, “He’s a weirdo! Let’s go get him!” Michael Jackson emerges from the shadows as some kind of cosmetically enhanced martyr, whose goodness is misunderstood by ugly people.

When the Tom Sneddon look alike informs him that he’s “too weird” to stay in their peaceful town, the room suddenly becomes inhabited with rotting ghouls as the mysterious one proceeds to terrorize him with scary magic and dance routines. (Nothing weird about that!) Finally, Jackson dons a huge grotesque head and snarls, “Are you scared yet?” The elderly man panics and runs straight through a stained glass window, thus effectively banishing this “hater” from his kingdom forever. Afterward, a more subdued Michael Jackson turns to the wide-eyed children and asks sweetly, “Do you want me to go now?” Naturally, they all say no, even though he’s the most threatening presence in the room by far! The moral of the story is to believe in him, children. Then you’re safe!

On one hand, it’s another other-the-top “Thriller” style production, meant to dazzle his audience with scary special effects and fancy dance steps. From a different angle, it’s a disturbing portrait of Jackson’s paranoid frame of mind, especially when you realize that he plays both men! All in all, it’s solid entertainment for MJ buffs that act as if they’ve fallen asleep in the middle of a cheesy good guy/bad guy flick and can’t wake up. Not everyone gets a happy ending, of course. In fact, anyone that has dared to accuse the self-righteous Michael Jackson of wrongdoing have been labeled “villains” and tossed aside by the pro-MJ media.

People like Joseph T. Bartucci Jr. Mr. Bartucci has made some of the most disturbing accusations against Michael Jackson I have ever heard. He claims Jackson abducted him off the streets of New Orleans in 1984 and violently abused him in the back of his limousine on route from Louisiana to California. The things he claims Jackson did to him are truly revolting. He recalls grueling tales of rape, torture and violence. What’s most staggering about his recollections is that claims he repressed the memory of these terrible events until he watched “Hard Copy’s” coverage of the Jackson criminal trial on television almost ten years later. This is when he insists this traumatic ordeal from his past came rushing back into his consciousness.

Joseph Bartucci filed a lawsuit against Michael Jackson in 2006. Jackson felt compelled to hire a bevy of Louisiana lawyers to sweep Bartucci under the rug. It worked. The judge dismissed his case because the Statute of Limitations had expired. That might have been the end of it but court officials still felt that Jackson had some questions to answer for, so they summoned him to appear. Apparently, Jackson was under the impression that this matter had been taken care of and didn’t show up. The court imposed a $5,000 fine on Michael Jackson for failure to appear and everyone except Joseph Bartucci forgot about it. Although Bartucci has paid out more than he has received in this case and gets next to nothing but bad press, he still insists that what he said Michael Jackson did to him is the truth to this day. The trouble is, that’s where it ends. It’s a gripping tale but until he fills in the gaps, it’ll remain a horror story with holes in the plot.

Next, we have Blanca Francia. Blanca was Michael Jackson’s personal maid and testified in his 2005 criminal trial. It was her job to clean Michael’s private chambers and was given a key to the door. She testified that when she peeked into his bathroom one day, she witnessed Michael Jackson and Wade Robinson taking a shower together. Robinson was 8 years old. This caused her to have grave concern for her own son, Jason, who was around the same age. She testified that Michael gave her child hundred dollar bills and told him to keep it a secret. She said that Jackson had nicknames for his “special” pals. (Boys that shared his bed.) That nickname was “Rubba.”

Her employment at Neverland Ranch came to an end when she claimed she walked in on Michael Jackson and her little boy lying naked in a sleeping bag on his bedroom floor. Jackson paid her over two million dollars to keep quiet about what she saw. Due to this settlement, no criminal charges were filed. Blanca later tells a reporter, “Michael made me lie all the time… Those were his favorite words, “You don’t know.” The documented two million dollar settlement makes her a credible witness.

Next, let’s consider the testimony of Kiki Fournier. Kiki was another of Michael Jackson’s former housekeepers. She described Neverland Ranch as a place where children went wild without their parents, drank alcohol in his presence and often slept with the pop star, instead of their assigned guest rooms. She explained that Michael had created a “no rules” environment for his under aged guests with no set bedtimes, limits on candy or standards for good behavior.

Dwayne Swinger, Michael Jackson’s estate manager, backs up her testimony. Swingler reported, “Michael was high most of the time, so he’d often pass out in the bed while the kids drank his Jesus Juice and partied all night in his room. I couldn’t tell those children not to get drunk because Michael put them in charge. I couldn’t say, ‘Hey, put the wine back,’ they were our bosses! They were often sick on the floor and I’d have to get someone to clean it up in the morning.”

Did you catch the part where Dwayne Swingler said that he saw Michael Jackson passed out on his bed while those under aged boys were throwing up on his bedroom floor? That’s right! It’s the direct opposite of what that jury ended up believing! Michael Jackson’s lawyers, Thomas Mesereau and Mark Gerogos (Who weren’t physically there, like Swingler was.) told that jury that Saint Michael sacrificed his bed to those kids, preferring to sleep on the floor and they believed every word!

Ralph Chacon was Michael Jackson’s former security guard. In 1994, he was one of the “Neverland 5” that sued Jackson for wrongful termination. He testified that he saw the star performing oral sex on a boy (Jordan Chandler) through a bathroom window. As could be expected, Tom Mesereau accused Chacon of trying extort the star after he lost that lawsuit and was forced to pay Jackson over a million dollars. “Extortion” speaks conspiracy hungry MJ fan’s language! It made it easy for them to call anyone that dared to accuse their king of wrongdoing evil, money-grubbing liars!

Like Janet Arvizo, (We’ll get to her later.) whom Mesereau was able to turn Michael Jackson’s criminal trial around on and put on trial for things she did years before she met Jackson, these unrelated events indisputably proved what greedy pieces of garbage they were in his fan’s minds and anything they say must not be believed, no matter what evidence they had to bring to the table! It’s no surprise that Michael Jackson was found not guilty on every charge. Its good ta be da King!

Regardless of how these people have had their reputations destroyed in the ongoing effort to make Michael Jackson look innocent, they testified in a court of law while under oath. They faced criminal imprisonment for perjury if they lied. Let’s call them “creditable.”

While we’re at it, let’s consider a statement from another one of Michael Jackson’s employees. Bob Jones, Michael Jackson’s long time publicist said, “Michael had a sinister gift for determining which of the many children he came into contact with might be “woo-able” and whose parents could be bought off. Michael’s wooing of a young boy was embarrassing: the cooing, the hugging and holding hands. Michael Jackson and this little boy were, I dare say, in love.” These are people that were employed by Michael Jackson and were physically present at Neverland Ranch at the time.

According to the pro-MJ media, nearly everyone that has accused him of inappropriate behavior around under aged children retracted their statements later. They didn’t really of course, it’s all in the wording of the fan friendly versions of what they said that got released to the public. Take Jackson’s housekeeper, Kiki Fouriner for example. She witnessed a number of children that were obviously intoxicated and grew ruder to the staff with each passing day. Later, it was revealed that even though she saw minors throwing up alcohol on her employer’s bedroom floor, she never physically saw Michael Jackson pouring booze down their throats, so like Jackson’s other employees, she was portrayed as a liar to the public.

Next, let’s consider the case of Eddie Reynoza. He was a dancer auditioning for the “Thriller” video when he caught Jackson’s eye. He claims Michael Jackson raped him at age 16. Reynoza: “He’s had little boys around for nine years straight, 24 hours around the clock.” Reynoza claims Michael showered parents with gifts “He would buy five Cadillacs at one time. He gives homes, Jaguars, trips for their birthdays.”

Where is Eddie today? He has gone into exile and is too terrified he would suffer the same fate as everyone else that dared to accuse “The King” of misconduct to return to the United States. Until he steps up to the microphone and elaborates on what he said, let’s put him on hold for now.

Then there are people that knew Michael Jackson personally. People like Gene Simmons of the hard rock band “Kiss,” who met Michael Jackson when he was dating Diana Ross. “We spent social time together,” he said. “I found him to be gentle, charming. The Michael of later years is someone I didn’t recognize…nor like very much. There were police reports on these incidents that had not previously been made known to the public. Michael’s on tape going, ‘Give the kids Jesus Juice,’ which is wine.”

Simmons goes on to say, “There’s no question in my mind that he molested those kids. Not a doubt. There’s never been a single female of any age that I’ve ever known about who has ever made a claim that she has had a physical relationship with Michael, ever. The only sexual references ever made about Michael Jackson that were made by anyone, anywhere around the world, have always been made by kids, specifically boys usually 10 to 14 years of age; never females. The children that slept in Michael’s bed need a voice. They should have a chance to have their say. With lie detectors attached. Maybe then, away from rich celebrities, tricky lawyers and L.A. court systems that can’t seem to convict anyone…. maybe then, we’ll find out the truth about child molestation charges leveled at Michael Jackson from those children.”

Gene Simmons is a show business professional. What does he have to gain by lying? After Kiss weren’t allowed to play at a tribute concert for Michael Jackson because of what he said, I’d say he has more to lose. Let’s call him creditable.

Lastly, there are Michael Jackson’s own family members. In 1991, Jermaine releases “Word to the Badd,” a scathing review of Michael’s destructive lifestyle and his brother’s attempts to control members of the Jackson family to hog more than his share of the spotlight:

Word to the Badd by Jermaine Jackson


Been abducted

Don’t know who you are

They may love you

They don’t know you

Lonely superstar

Never think about who you love

Only think about number one

You forget about where you started from

You only think about what you want

Don’t care about how it’s done

You only think about you, your throne

Be it right or be it wrong

It ain’t about your world

It ain’t about the things that you do

If you don’t care, I don’t care

Cause you keep thinkin’ ‘bout you

It ain’t about you takin’ my pie

You been takin’ for a long time

If you don’t care, I don’t care

If you keep

Well I ain’t thinkin’ ‘bout you

What up yo, Word to the Badd

Once you were made

You changed your shade

Was your color wrong?

Could not turn back

It’s a known fact

You were too far gone

You know I tried to be there for you

Like a brother I care for you

It didn’t matter you always play me off

You only care about what you want

You don’t care about how it’s done

You only think about you, your throne

Be it right or wrong

It ain’t about your world

It ain’t about the things that you do

If you don’t care, I don’t care

Cause you keep thinkin’ ‘bout you

It ain’t about you takin’ my pie

You been takin’ for a long time

If you don’t care, I don’t care

If you keep

Well I ain’t thinkin’ ‘bout you

Oh no no, I ain’t thinkin’ ‘bout you

In 1993, LaToya Jackson accused her brother of molesting children by announcing, “I cannot and will not be a silent collaborator to his crimes against small, innocent children. This has been going on since 1981 and it’s not just one child.” She claimed her mother had shown her checks that Michael had made out to the families of the boys. Naturally, her mother went public and called her a money grubbing liar in defense of the Jackson family’s main provider, Michael. LaToya has denied that she got paid to say this.

Michael Jackson’s former brother-in-law, Jack Gordon has no doubts about the pop star’s guilt either. When asked in a CNN interview if he thought Jackson was a pedophile, he replied, “I absolutely do. Not even a question. I saw little boys constantly going through the house. I never saw little girls. I asked, ‘Why are there so many little boys and no little girls?’ Nobody would ever give me a straight answer.”

I know how you feel, Jack.

So much damage. So many lives destroyed. So many lies told to make a man as flawed as Michael Jackson look like a saint and it’s far from over.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
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