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Learn the truth about Michael Jackson's unhealthy interest in young boys.

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Propofol and Michael Jackson

The following content is from an unpublished book titled: "The Brass Tacks of an Over Polished Trophy". I'm unaware why it wasn't published, but it contains some good contents, and is useful to those researching Jackson's behaviour with young boys and the allegations against him. It has 12 chapters in total. Full credit goes to the original author.
After Jackson died, Dr. Murray attempted to salvage what was left of his life. He pleads not guilty and is freed on $75,000 bail. He slips out a side door of the courthouse, dodging hysterical MJ fans screaming, “Murderer!” and “Justice for Michael!” Even though he hasn’t been charged with a crime, he’s already on the top of MJ fan’s growing list of enemies. He hides out briefly in his Las Vegas home but he’s broke. He claims he never got paid for the work he did for Michael Jackson.

He returns to his practice in Houston, Texas, under the condition that he’s prohibited from administering powerful anesthetics, including Propofol. He attends to loyal patients who continue to support him, despite the bad press and death threats he has received. Several patients and the pastor of his church greet him as he pulls up at the Armstrong Medical Clinic, with one church member holding up a handwritten sign that reads “Welcome Back.”

As heartwarming as this scene may have been, it’s obvious that Dr. Murray’s life will never be the same again. Trial is scheduled to begin in July where Murray will face manslaughter charges. Naturally, things don’t go smoothly as hoped and the trial is postponed until September, giving Murray’s defense team time to assemble and prep witnesses. Meanwhile, a storm is brewing. Lost sheep have lost their shepherd. Someone needs to pay. Dr. Murray records a video proclaiming his innocence and posts it on YouTube. Murray says in a soft Caribbean accent, “I have done all I could do. I told the truth and I have faith that the truth will prevail.”

The defense team tries to subpoena Paris and Prince Jackson to testify in Murray’s defense. Michael had told his children that dear Dr. Conrad (As he was known around the Jackson household.) was the best doctor in the whole world. They hope Jackson’s children will provide testimony that Dr. Murray had taken good care of their father. Unsurprisingly, Katherine Jackson (Whom Michael had given custody of his children to in his will.) took measures to ensure that wouldn’t happen. The trial begins on September 27th in Los Angeles without them.

Murray’s lawyers claim that Jackson caused his own death. The prosecution argues that Murray violated his Hippocratic oath and didn’t give Michael the care he needed. They’re both right. Murray was Jackson’s dupe. If he were smart, he would have realized he was in over his head and gotten out a long time ago but he was in debt and anticipated making a lot of money. More importantly, he was another one of “The King’s” dedicated employees.

Michael Jackson had a knack for hiring people that would condone his destructive lifestyle. Murray was akin to the housekeepers that dutifully cleaned up the vomit drunken minors threw up on his majesty’s bedroom floor and never reported it to the police. Murray should have paid more attention to the broken bodies strewn in the path of this emotional train wreck and “Beat It!”

Several witnesses take the stand, including a pharmacist that claimed they supplied Murray with gallons of Propofol to feed Jackson’s out of control drug habit and filled prescriptions for Benoquin Cream. This is a potent de-pigmenting agent used to bleach skin in the case of extensive Vitiligo. This cream may have been what Dr. Murray was referring to when he said they had to go back to the house to pick up something that Jackson wouldn’t have wanted the world to know about.

Other witnesses include three of Murray’s girlfriends. It appears Dr. Feelgood was quite a player! Among the parade of Murray’s sweethearts was a Houston cocktail waitress that claims Murray called her the day Jackson died. Much is made of how the doctor was on the phone when he should have been monitoring Jackson more closely in those crucial moments.

The prosecution informs the jury that Murray “repeatedly acted with gross negligence and denied appropriate care to his patient. It was Dr. Murray’s repeated incompetent and unskilled acts that led to Michael Jackson’s death.” It’s disclosed that Murray didn’t call 911 for 20-40 minutes after he discovered Jackson wasn’t breathing.

This may not be as shocking as the prosecution makes it out to be. We can only imagine how frantic those final moments must have been. It’s possible that hiding Jackson’s cache of empty prescription bottles and vials were one of his chief concerns but the reason for this may not be as sinister as it sounds. It’s possible Murray was worried about Michael’s image, in addition to his own culpability. Jackson certainly would have wanted to hide his drug intake from the public.

The defense tells the jury that Jackson took the Propofol himself when Murray was out of the room, thus creating “a perfect storm in his body that killed him instantly.” One thing that suggests that this might be true is that it was discovered that Jackson had Propofol in his stomach. How could this have happened? It seems unlikely that a physician would make his patient swallow a drug that is typically injected. That supports the claim that Jackson took the drug himself.

Without a doubt, the most substantial testimony came from Cherilyn Lee. Lee obtained her education and training as a Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner in 1982 at Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Sciences and received her Ph.D. in Holistic Medicine from Clayton School of Natural Health. She has been a California nutritionist, registered nurse and Holistic Health practitioner for more than 28 years. She met Michael Jackson when he summoned her to Neverland to treat his children. Jackson pulled her aside and whispered, “What else can you do?”

Lee claims Michael Jackson repeatedly begged her for intravenous drug injections to battle his insomnia. She wisely rejected his requests, instead providing him with vitamin and mineral injections. Had Cherilyn been by Jackson’s bedside that fateful day, it’s possible he would still be alive today. She sat Jackson down and pulled out a Physician’s Manual to show him that Propofol is a dangerous drug that shouldn’t be used outside a hospital setting because it slows down the respiratory system. She told him that his habit of using this powerful sedative as a nightly sleep aid was insane and that it could kill him. Jackson simply pooh-poohed her concerns and said, “Oh, I just need a doctor to be there and I’ll be fine!”

Four days before Michael Jackson’s death, Cherilyn Lee received an urgent call from his bedside. One of Jackson’s staff members frantically cried into the phone, “Michael needs to see you right away!” Cherilyn asked, “What’s wrong?” She could hear Michael in the background complaining that one side of his body was hot while the other side was cold. Lee exclaimed, “Tell him that he needs to go the hospital immediately!”

Propofol packs quite a punch. It’s primarily used for outpatient surgical procedures owing to its very rapid onset of action, sometimes as fast as 30 seconds. It has also been used in painful procedures such as changing burn dressings. In Michael Jackson’s case, not only did it help him sleep but he used it to get high. It produces the pleasant feelings of well-being often associated with morphine and other opioids. If Michael Jackson was as healthy as his staunch defenders want us to think he was, why did he require a drug like this to help him sleep? Healthy people might need an occasional sleep aid but they sure don’t need to get knocked out cold every night. It’s an obvious sign that Jackson’s life had become unmanageable.

It’s unclear exactly how long Jackson had been taking Propofol but by the time Dr. Murray came along, he was already addicted to it. Jackson had adopted the same addictive habits so many other entertainers have. He was taking pills to get to sleep, more pills to wake up, more pills to soothe any ache or pain, pills to feel happy, pills for constipation, pills for depression, pills for this, pills for that, pills, pills and more pills. It was flat out lunacy to hope that this drug addict could moonwalk his way back into everyone’s heart by performing 50 high-energy shows. He would have been fortunate to complete just one! Yet, here was a man with grandiose dreams of putting on the greatest show on earth and building a children’s hospital, far below a healthy weight, ignoring a medical professional’s advice to get to a hospital, pronto!

Michael Jackson created the ailment that Murray was trying to treat him for. If he was in such bad shape he needed a personal doctor to administer his meds, he should have gone to the hospital. Why didn’t he? Because Jackson knew that a responsible hospital staff wouldn’t blast him into the stratosphere with his favorite drug of choice!

If Dr. Murray had the proper medical equipment on hand, things might have been different. Unfortunately, he had no heart monitoring machines and no resusitory equipment available. But then again, Michael Jackson didn’t want a doctor that followed medical procedure. He wanted a doctor that would make allowances for his drug addiction while helping him get fit enough to go on a worldwide comeback tour! Had Murray done things strictly by the book, he wouldn’t have been Jackson’s doctor. Michael Jackson would’ve fired him a long time ago. Then he would’ve had to locate another Dr. Feelgood to be his new supplier and his fans would have a different scapegoat to hate!

Naturally, the second he died; his fans took their anger out on Dr. Murray. After those fickle finks had instantly sided with a twice-accused child molester and called children liars, Dr. Murray could have been a chance for them to show an ounce of compassion. But no, like Michael Jackson, they hadn’t learned a thing! Never mind that Conrad Murray is essentially one of their own kind. He was committed to making his star patient comfortable, at any cost. In other words, he was another one of Michael’s loyal enablers. Had Jackson’s belligerent fans been in Murray’s shoes when poor Michael was looking up at them with sad eyes and begging them to help him sleep, there is no way they would’ve told him, “Sorry Michael, I know that you requested I stock up on Propofol and even though it’s sitting right here, you can’t have any!” They would have given it to him too.

In reality, Michael Jackson had been killing himself for years. It’s been said that there is no force on earth powerful enough to loosen a man’s grip on his own throat. Alberto Alverez reported that when entered the room, he could see that Jackson was attached to a catheter. He may have called Propofol his “milk” but rather than give him strength, it left him in such an incapacitated condition, his urine needed to be collected through a device normally meant for incontinent patients. A coroner investigator said that she found jugs of urine by Jackson’s bed when she combed through his room.

He was a physical wreck and yet, instead of going to the hospital like the rest of us would have, where he would’ve been closely monitored with state of the art, life saving equipment and a staff of trained professionals, he…that is, “Michael Jackson”…not Dr. Murray, not evil haters, not the wicked media, MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON chose to stay home and take more drugs. There wasn’t one single “hater” in the room the day he died. ENABLERS killed Michael Jackson!

Jackson was attempting to shake the monkey off his back to endure the rigors of life on the road and with Dr. Murray’s help; had managed to cut back on his usage substantially. When the chemical coursed it’s way through his veins as it had done so many times before, Jackson’s body was in a compromised state. It was a dosage that wouldn’t have floored him in the past but this time, his poor, worn out body simply gave up. Michael Jackson was pronounced dead at the UCLA Medical Center at 2:26 pm, June 25, 2009. He was only 50 years old.

Unsurprisingly, Conrad Murray is blamed for the whole mess and found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Two days later, he is sentenced to the maximum penalty of four years incarceration. He is expected to serve less than two in the Los Angeles County Jail due to prison overcrowding.

Before he begins his sentence, Murray takes one last stab at redemption. He films the documentary, “Michael Jackson and The Doctor: A Fatal Friendship.” It was set to air on MSNBC on November 11th. Executors for the estate of Michael Jackson (i.e. The Jackson family) and outraged fans demand that the network pull the plug on what they call a “reprehensible” affront to the late, great pop icon. It appears anyone that doesn’t pay “The King of Popularity” the respect his loyal subjects are convinced he’s automatically entitled to are considered what’s wrong with the world, so millions had already made up their minds about “Dr. Murderer” and didn’t want to hear anything he had to say. Unfortunately for them, we don’t all live in the “Kingdom of Michael” the way they do and in the interest of free speech; the show went on as scheduled.

After not testifying on his behalf in court, it gave Murray the opportunity to tell his side of the story. He claims that he loved Michael Jackson and did everything he could to save his life. It’s a baffling display. It shows Murray expressing sorrow for Jackson’s death (Even getting emotional enough to cry about it.) but he falls short of showing genuine remorse for his actions. He insists that he did nothing wrong. The documentary receives mixed reviews from the public, sympathy accompanied with rage, the same reactions Michael Jackson aroused while he was still living.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
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