The Boys in Michael Jackson’s Life - Charles Thomson

Learn the truth about Michael Jackson's unhealthy interest in young boys.

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The Boys in Michael Jackson’s Life

The following content is from an unpublished book titled: "The Brass Tacks of an Over Polished Trophy". I'm unaware why it wasn't published, but it contains some good contents, and is useful to those researching Jackson's behaviour with young boys and the allegations against him. It has 12 chapters in total. Full credit goes to the original author.
Jackson’s fans rave, “It’s understandable that children would want to sleep in Michael’s bed. He was just that wonderful!” Maybe so, but the story is that after he allowed certain children into his bed, he slept on the floor!

If he was willing to sacrifice his comfort to make his latest bed buddies comfortable, why couldn’t he sleep on the floor in his guestroom? What difference did it make to him which floor he slept on? If he just couldn’t stand breaking the hearts of his little admirers by robbing them of his wonderful presence, wouldn’t it be more wonderful for him to bunk out next to ALL of those children? Don’t you think all of those kids would’ve liked to get some milk and cookies too?

Two other “Rubba” boys in Michael Jackson’s life bear mentioning. (In truth, there are others but in the interest of keeping things simple, let’s concentrate on two of the better known boys, Wade Robson and Brett Barnes.) Robson defended Jackson and rejected the allegations against him. It certainly has helped boost his career. He sites Jackson as a key figure in inspiring him to become a dancer. Robson has gone on to become one of the world’s best known dance choreographers, working with the likes of Britney Spears, NSYNC, Usher and Pink.

Brett Barnes said that although Michael would hug, kiss and snuggle with him in his bed, he never molested him. (It’s strange that Barnes claims Jackson was physically under the covers with him when for some reason, he wouldn’t get into bed with Gavin, no matter how much he begged him to.)

Recently, a video of Michael Jackson being interrogated has surfaced. Filmed in 1996, Jackson is asked, “To your knowledge Mr. Jackson, were you ever accused of having sexually molested Brett Barnes?” Off screen, Jackson’s lawyers jump in and say, “Don’t answer that!” He then proceeds to put on quite a show, acting amused at being asked a question he wouldn’t even have to answer. At first, he acts shocked, as if he’s never heard that one before. Then, he covers his face while shaking his head and laughing. Shortly, his facade cracks and his body language speaks for him. He fidgets nervously and avoids making eye contact. His eyes dart all over the room, as if he’s looking for a window to jump out of! Laughing at such a question is an odd reaction. Exactly what is so funny?

Naturally, not all children were granted the great privilege of sharing Mr. Wonderful’s bed. Michael Jackson’s manager, Dwayne Swingler said, “Only very special boys were allowed to stay in Michael’s bed. They were on a strict rotation in terms of who was allowed to cuddle up with him at night. There were a good five to seven boys in total who were his regulars; they ranged in age from 12 to 14.”

Thousands of children enjoyed the “kids will be kids” experience Jackson promised and described what a fantastic time they had at Neverland Ranch to their parents. This is why when 30 odd kids of the untold thousands that spent the night there were interviewed; they couldn’t find anyone that would say that the King of Pop had molested them. It isn’t clear if any of the children interviewed actually spent the night in Jackson’s bed. All that has been revealed to the public about this investigation is that “30 children that knew Michael Jackson were interviewed.” If these children weren’t physically in his bed, how would they know what went on in there?

How did removing certain boys from the rest of the group and fawning over them in the privacy of his bedroom make Michael Jackson a wonderful human being? What was stopping him from showing those kids a good time at his amusement park and then sending them home to their families? Inviting them inside his household is what caused all this controversy! Why didn’t he learn his lesson the first time? He almost broke into tears recalling the “horrible nightmare” of getting his genitals photographed. How did these horrifying memories slip his mind? According to his fans, this naïve man/child just didn’t know that what he was doing could get him into trouble!

It’s odd that even though Jackson made sure he was equipped with the best cameras money could buy for his interview with Martin Bashir, he didn’t have one single camera in his bedroom to capture those precious, “non-sexual” moments with his new bed mates. He said it was all pure and innocent anyway, right? Jackson tried to make it sound like what was going on behind those closed doors were nothing more than harmless sleepovers. You would think Mr. Sensitive would want to keep a scrapbook of that! A snapshot or two of him making up his bed on the floor sure would have come in handy at his criminal trial.

Oh wait! No, it wouldn’t. That jury just took his word for it!

One female juror stated that the trial made him “normal” in her eyes. HUH? Normal black men don’t pay millions of dollars to look like a Caucasian woman or arrange to have multimillion-dollar checks made out to their accusers! That juror didn’t make this decision based on the law or evidence. She voted with the mindset of a typical star struck American. Normally, a man that felt deprived of his childhood would play catch with a boy; take him to the movies or a ballgame. He sure wouldn’t feel compelled to go to bed with him! That’s something else altogether. It’s against the odds that a man would keep getting into hot water for the same thing over and over and have nothing to do with it. The world just doesn’t turn that way.

The majority of the jurors in the Jackson case seemed to convince themselves that everyone was lying except Michael Jackson, who only spoke in his defense through a video rigged with complimentary lighting and sweet, angelic mood music, giving him the freedom to tell the world that he loves children, all without being cross examined about this special kind of love.

The New York Daily News claims that at least three jury members were convinced that Jackson was guilty before getting bullied by the rest into making the not guilty verdict unanimous. Two of them, Eleanor Cook and Ray Hultman came forward after the trial to confess that they buckled under the pressure after they were given the message that they were too small and insignificant to convict “The King!”

Cook claims there were two avid MJ defenders in that jury and as MJ fans are known to do, they ganged up against anyone that dared to think that he was anything less than perfect. How one-sided jurors managed to get seats on that jury speaks to the imperfection of our judicial system. It’s supposed to be a priority of the court to select people that are impartial to the case at hand. I assume those jurors must have had completely different demeanor during the jury selection process, but both the defense and prosecution had votes on who should or shouldn’t be allowed on that panel. How did three MJ sympathizers slip past the prosecution?

Cook claims these biased jury members came at her with arguments derived from the contention that “Our Michael would never do something awful like that!” Cook chose to bide her time until the verdict was in and then announced, “I’m speaking out now because it’s never too late to tell the truth! The others can be as angry as they want to. They ought to be ashamed. They let a pedophile go!”

Hultman added, “The thing that really got me was the fact that people just wouldn’t take their blinders off long enough to really look at all the evidence that was there. The air reeked of hatred and people were angry. I’ve never been in an atmosphere like that before. I believe that Michael Jackson probably has molested boys. I can’t believe that this man could sleep on the floor in the same bedroom for 365 straight days and not do something more than just watch TV and eat popcorn.” Eleanor and Ray also announce that they are in the process of writing two shocking, tell-all books that will expose the treachery they encountered behind those courtroom doors.

Certainly no one is in a better position to blow the lid off a potential cover up than these two but unfortunately, we haven’t heard a peep from either of them since 2005. Of course, Jackson’s conspiracy hungry fans are convinced that they were bribed to undermine the “Not Guilty” verdict but if this is true, where are the results of that bribe? It appears as if Cook and Hultman have dropped off the face of the earth! They certainly should have been able to complete at least one of those books by now. If they were bribed, why not follow through with it and get paid? Could it be that like Evan Chandler and Blanca Francia, MJJ Enterprises offered them millions of dollars to keep quiet?

If the remaining members of that jury weren’t allies of Michael Jackson, they certainly were determined to let him go free. They fell under the same spell his starry eyed fans are under… “How could such a sad looking, meek, mannish boy possibly be guilty of what he’s charged with? After he donated so much money to charities? Didn’t you see that video where he was begging for mercy in a tiny, childlike voice? Outrageous!” In other words, they’re the kind of people Ray Hultman accurately described as fools that wouldn’t take their blinders off long enough to look at the evidence.

Who can rationally explain the mind melting effect this entertainer has on normally intelligent people? The way he was able to throw our taboos into our faces, corrupt our court system, take advantage of innocent children, break the law and still have millions of people thank him for it is truly phenomenal. “Michael,” an ex-adviser claims to have said to him at least once, “You’re going to wind up in a lot of trouble again. Why don’t you stop all this monkey business with young boys?” Jackson replied, “Because I don’t want to!” His answer sounds like the dismissive nature of a cold-hearted Emperor. It reeks of “I care not for this news! Bring me happier news!”

Sure, Michael Jackson was a great musician. Trouble is, nobody made him grow up. Getting arrested should have informed him that his behavior had gotten inappropriate, even criminal but he stubbornly insisted that he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He appeared to have no concept of how the law applied to him. He was convinced he wasn’t hurting any kids. He figured he was making them feel reaaal good. (With his Jesus Juice and all!)

We should have quit pampering this prima donna and really helped him. Unfortunately, too many people were so busy admiring him, they didn’t hear his cry for help. Idol worshipers kept telling him that he was better than the rest of us. For an ultra sensitive guy that already felt like an oddity, this was a recipe for disaster.

Law enforcement was trying to reel him back in but his loyal following would have none of it. This is ironic because its very possible going to jail might have saved his life. He would have had to quit using drugs, follow the same rules as the rest of the population, stick to a strict, regimented schedule and most importantly, he would have gotten away from his enabling fans! Of course, we would have to endure him whining about how the guards just don’t understand his feelings but if he had he gotten the message that he couldn’t get away with anything he felt like doing, we might have gotten the old Michael Jackson back when he got out.

He should have been forced to attend mandatory, court appointed counseling sessions with a professional to get all those unresolved issues about his childhood out in the open where he could deal with them. Then, he should have been required to submit to random drug screenings and be told that if his tests were dirty, he was going to jail. The purpose of incarceration isn’t only reserved for evil monsters. It’s also for people that think they’re above the law and need to be put back on the right track.

I already know what’s coming next… “But he was proven to be a sweet innocent angel!” Any criminal defense attorney will attest to the fact that a “Not Guilty” verdict is not instantly synonymous with “innocence.” In many cases, it simply means that the defendant has appeased the court somehow and will be going home. Michael Jackson was given a “Not Guilty” ruling at his criminal trial because that jury (Eleanor Cook and Ray Hultman being the exception) felt there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him. This doesn’t mean that Thomas Mesereau conclusively proved that Jackson didn’t do what he was accused of and he was 100% “innocent.” If anything, Michael Jackson was given the benefit of the doubt. (Again!)

We should have held him accountable for his actions. We either have laws for everyone to abide by or we don’t. Setting softer standards for anyone fortunate enough to be rich, popular or sexy enough make the principles decent, law-abiding citizens strive to uphold a dirty joke. If going to jail was too severe, he definitely needed to get spanked with some intensive therapy.

Just because that jury acquitted him doesn’t mean he didn’t do anything wrong. At the very least, he used dozens of false aliases to obtain illegal prescriptions and stubbornly insisted on taking other people’s children into his bed regardless of how much money it cost to get him off the hook or how many lives it destroyed. This hardly makes him innocent. That alone would have gotten the rest of us ordinary slobs locked up! Nevertheless, his fans were convinced that all he needed was a great big hug.

It’s my impression that his fans think that “pedophile” is a word that only pertains to vicious child rapists and murderers. This not always true. I don’t think Michael was that kind of person. Trouble is, even if all he did was pull “Little Michael” out in front of children and fondle them, it was still against the law and he needed to be stopped! The scars aren’t as obvious as what’s left behind by a child rapist, but they’re there.

Michael Jackson fits the profile of a pedophile to a T.

Pedophiles consider expressing their feelings for children in physical ways a beautiful gesture of love. They think it’s their God given right to cuddle pre-pubescent youngsters and show each other their sex organs. They often masturbate their little friends or they engage in mutual masturbation with them. They believe what they’re doing is natural and should be accepted by society. Single man, over the age of 30, feels more at home with children than people his own age, obsessed with children of a certain age and gender, uses toys and gifts to attract kids to him, showers them with attention and affection, tends to pick children who are troubled, vulnerable and easy to manipulate. Their goal is to lure them into their net, groom them, seduce them, gain their trust and have the child “willingly” submit to the abuse. This has two purposes: it alleviates any lingering guilt in the mind of perpetrator that what they are doing is immoral and it makes the abuse less likely to be discovered.

A pedophile will not stop on his own and will not turn himself in, because he does not take responsibility for his behavior and denies that he/she is doing anything harmful. He will abuse until he’s caught. The abuser will coerce the child into silence by saying that if anyone finds out, they can’t be friends anymore and he or his family would go to jail. Pedophiles can be “treated” but never cured, because their sexual preference has always been, and always will be, children. Their urges will always be present.

Pedophiles will go to great lengths to gain access to children. Michael Jackson built a lavish amusement park on his property and even owned a chimpanzee to attract children. When his house was raided, open bottles of alcohol and pornographic magazines were discovered. Experts say that these items were likely used in the “grooming process.”

Michael Jackson may have been able to overcome his urges through counseling, maybe not. He would have to want to change and he didn’t think he had a problem. He figured people that gave him flak about it were just being ignorant. He convinced himself that his urges were normal and should be accepted by society. Most pedophiles do. It’s why he looks so innocent to his fans. I’m not convinced that there is such a thing as a simple solution. If a pedophile can’t control himself, he has a rough road ahead of him.

Had he quit fooling around with little boys and found himself a life partner, he might still be alive today and making great music. I know I would respect him more. Look at Elton John. He’s a respected member of his community and a sterling advocate for gay rights. That could have been Michael, America’s answer to Elton John, but Jackson was too secretive about his “image” and with good reason too. No one with an ounce of common sense would tolerate a pedophile!

The daunting task his fans face is that unless they can make what Michael Jackson did acceptable behavior for everyone, they don’t stand a prayer convincing the world of his innocence. Ordinary people will always going to hold him to the same standards we have for ourselves. Just because his fans think he’s better than everyone else doesn’t mean it’s going to go down in the history books that way.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
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