The “Living With Michael Jackson” Documentary - Charles Thomson

Learn the truth about Michael Jackson's unhealthy interest in young boys.

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The “Living With Michael Jackson” Documentary

The following content is from an unpublished book titled: "The Brass Tacks of an Over Polished Trophy". I'm unaware why it wasn't published, but it contains some good contents, and is useful to those researching Jackson's behaviour with young boys and the allegations against him. It has 12 chapters in total. Full credit goes to the original author.
The “Living With Michael Jackson” documentary does little to repair Jackson’s damaged reputation. If anything, it completely backfires. Instead of reassuring the world that he was just a well meaning 46-year-old child, it gave discriminating viewers a glimpse into his dysfunctional world. Red flags had been frantically waving for decades by now but few have paid attention to them. Not his record label, not his family and least of all, not his hardheaded fans. They continue to stew in a pool of their own juices, dreaming of an encounter with what they consider to be their imaginary sexual superman. Never mind that he couldn’t maintain a lasting relationship with a woman and preferred to sleep with little boys!

When sensible people hear Gavin say, “Michael told me, ‘if you love me, you’ll get into my bed” they say, “Damn! That’s exactly what a pedophile would say!” When MJ fans hear the same thing, they go, “Awww, how cute!” This is their idea of “being positive!”

I wonder how these auspicious fans would console the heartbroken parents of a child that ended up getting raped by a guy that started out doing what Michael Jackson said would make the world a better place? (As one eventually would.) Would they say, “Oops, sorry ‘bout that! Michael told us this is a beautiful thing to do?” You’d hope that they’d have a backup plan in case the worst happened and the fairytale backfired but I doubt if they do.

Unfortunates that didn’t get the chance to ride Michael’s Ferris wheel still manage to piggyback a ride into his fantasy world where adults never grow up. The fantasies they accept as realities just don’t make much sense to people that don’t worship the ground this cartoon character walked on. What do you think his adoring fans would do if a child they care about told them that the weirdo down the street (NOT Michael Jackson.) had molested him or her? Would they press charges against him or would they come to the same conclusions they have about Michael Jackson?

Let’s assume that one of their neighbors decided to press charges against this “Joe Average.” However, before it went to court, Joe paid his accuser under the table to drop the charges. Would they say, “It’s understandable if Joe doesn’t want to wait around for a final ruling. I’m sure he has better things to do. The important thing is to let him get back to his lifestyle?” Would they pressure the public to feel sorry for Joe and ignore the evidence against him? Would they cry for poor Joe if he pleaded for mercy in a tiny, wounded voice? What if Joe isn’t very sexy? Do you think that Joe would feel sorry for them? It’s probably best not to ask.

Michael Jackson makes another attempt to repair his image by marrying Lisa Marie Presley. He stages a very public kiss and appears with her in an interview with Diane Sawyer. Sawyer wastes no time and asks him, “Is it over? Are you going to make sure it doesn’t happen again, for the sake of the children and for everything you’ve been through? This is the key thing people want to know.” Jackson plays dumb and says, “Is what over?” Sawyer: “Will you keep letting children into your bed?” Suddenly the lights come back on and Michael beams, “Of course! If they want!” Sawyer asks in disbelief, “But isn’t part of being an adult and loving children keeping them from ambiguous situations?” Jackson replies, “No, nobody cares when kids sleep in my bed.”

He says this in the presence of his own wife, no less! He must have been talking about his fans when he said that no one cares if he takes unrelated children to bed with him because it’s obvious that millions of people did care. You have to wonder, where was Lisa Marie when all of this was taking place, in another bedroom? It was clear Michael Jackson was losing it but he was losing it in grand style!

Equally outrageous was that Michael Jackson didn’t hesitate to discuss the details of his 1993 settlement. He brazenly announced, “There was not one iota of information that was found to connect me to those charges. The whole thing was a lie!” He breached his confidentiality agreement when he said that. The agreement was that neither side would discuss that case publicly ever again, yet here he was calling the Chandlers liars! It appeared as if Jackson didn’t think he needed lawyers anymore, he had Lisa Marie now! The Chandlers were furious over what he said in this interview and sued him again for going back on his word. Apparently, the court felt Chandler had picked Jackson’s pockets long enough, the case was dismissed and the Teflon King sauntered off once again.

This seemed to have a perplexing effect on his new wife, as his bizarre moods and habits became infuriating to her. Lisa Marie clocked up the hours her husband would spend in the bathroom, applying and removing cosmetics. Throughout their marriage, she never saw him without his make-up. Lisa would try to surprise him by waking early and tapping him on the shoulder. He would shriek, “No, don’t look!” and scamper off to the bathroom to fix his face. “It was getting nasty. I was ready to kill him, I swear to God!” – Lisa Marie Presley.

Finally, she gives up and leaves him. This suits Michael fine; she wouldn’t give him children anyway. Like any good parent would do, Michael Jackson goes out and buys a set of kids from Debbie Rowe, a secretary for Arnold Klein, a Beverly Hills dermatologist that had been providing him with the skin-bleaching cream he uses daily.

After Jackson divorces Lisa Marie, she tells Oprah Winfrey in a televised interview that the man she saw on the “Living with Michael Jackson” documentary was someone she didn’t even recognize. She claims her ex-husband looked higher than a kite! We get an idea of what she’s referring to in a scene showing Michael jostling his fragile child around on his drug fueled leg while trying to shove a baby bottle in his mouth. We can hear the poor thing crying under the veil placed over his face while Jackson is babbling incoherently, desperately trying to explain to Martin Bashir why he felt compelled to hold this infant over a balcony railing. How high do you think he was when he did that?

Jackson nervously claims that what he did was purely “out of love” and then practically runs out of the room. You can tell that he knew he had screwed up big this time and could lose his children. He could have very easily dropped his child but what he did was somewhat forgivable. (Foolish, but forgivable.) He was proud of his son and got caught up in the moment. Had he simply come clean and said, “I don’t know what possessed me! I guess I kinda went a little crazy there!” everyone would have forgotten about it. True to his nature, Michael blamed everyone else! It wasn’t his fault, the big evil media had taken this sweet, innocent act of love and had blown it out of proportion again! That was good enough for his fans. True to their natures, they accepted anything that tumbled out of his drug addled mouth as nothing less than the absolute truth and cursed the media with him.

Rather than clean up his act to meet the challenges of fatherhood, he proceeds to sink deeper into a drug-induced haze. In the middle of an interview with Ed Bradley, suddenly Michael doesn’t feel good anymore and is very concerned about what time it is. A little old lady rushes out of the shadows and whispers, “I’ll inject you with something” into his ear. Her voice is audibly heard through Jackson’s microphone. Oops.

In his biography, Randy Taraborelli describes Jackson’s admittance into a drug rehabilitation center, “Michael was officially enrolled in the center – albeit in a way befitting the King of Pop: He took over the entire fourth floor of the hospital, at fifty thousand dollars a week, and was expected to remain there for about a month and a half.” Though the very terms of his admission and stay at the rehabilitation center were markedly different from other patients, while staying there, Jackson was unable to participate in the treatment “normally.” His status as celebrity prevented him from speaking at group therapy sessions (a primary means of treatment at the center) because of his fear that one of the other patients will go to the tabloids. He was thus given private therapy sessions. Having lived a privileged life, Jackson was unwilling to listen to the center’s authorities because as Taraborelli describes it, “No one ever told him what to do in his private world, and he expected that it would be the same at the Charter. It wasn’t. Soon, he found himself mopping floors, which he hadn’t done since he lived in Gary, Indiana.”

Jackson appeared to be getting a convenient quick remedy, as evidenced by his departure from the center a few days later. Taraborelli said, “It appeared that Michael was having some kind of “quick fix.” Surely, it would take more than a few days, even a few months, for Michael to deal with so many years of dysfunction.” Celebrities are often viewed as royalty so it’s likely that his devoted fan base wouldn’t so much as bat an eye if they heard that he took over an entire floor at rehab but it screams, “Michael was better than the rest of us! He deserved special privileges!” We can assume that rehab center would have turned other addicts away due to the fact that the King of Pop was hording a whole floor all to himself.

Jackson’s privileged lifestyle bears striking similarities to those of other kings, including Henry the VIII. Everyone around Henry felt obligated to provide his majesty with the best of everything. His private dinner table was a feast for 20 people. He was afforded great luxuries while the people outside the castle walls struggled to survive. He rewrote laws so he (and only he) was allowed to behead wives that wouldn’t give birth to a prince and marry younger women. He died a sick, self absorbed, miserable glutton of a man, much the way Michael Jackson did.

I would be interested in reading the prognosis that rehab center gave the “King of Pop” when he was released. I’m willing to bet it was exceptional, outlining how even though he didn’t have a problem to begin with, he was a wonderful patient and made excellent progress. It would be the complete opposite of what would’ve been written about anyone else that was too special to interact with others. I predict it was similar to how apart from being thin as a stick, addicted to drugs, half blind, with prostate trouble, needle tracks covering his bleached skin and dead, his autopsy report revealed that Michael Jackson was in “good health!”

The absurd manner in which those trailing behind this falling star have attempted to rewrite the unsavory details of his life certainly goes a long way toward explaining how he got away with things none of the rest of us would have been allowed to. Things that would make absolutely no sense when applied to ordinary people makes perfect sense to those spellbound by his majestic presence.

I’m confident that the reason that rehab center went out of their way to deviate from their established methods of treatment was because “King Michael” ordered it to be so. Now, you can say that they did that because he was superior to anyone else that might have walked through their doors but allowing him to isolate from other patients wasn’t his “privilege,” it was a huge, Henry the VIII sized spoonful of what led to his downfall!

Far from being “cured,” Jackson went home and continued to add to the long list of false aliases he had been using to obtain illegal prescriptions for years. Names he used to receive a steady supply of drugs include but aren’t limited to, his chef, his son Prince, Josephine Baker, Omar Arnold, Paul Farance Bryan Singleton, Jimmy Nicholas, Blanca Nicholas, Roselyn Muhammad, Faheem Muhammad, Manuel Rivera, Frank Tyson, Fernand Diaz, Peter Madonie, Jack London, Kai Chase and Michael Amir.

He had been flying under the radar for so long, it was inevitable that someone would catch him with his pants down and cash in on it. In January of 2005, the other shoe drops. Michael Jackson is charged with molesting Gavin Arvizo. It isn’t a simple lawsuit he can buy his way out of this time. This time it’s in criminal court. He’s in for the fight of his life.

Back at Neverland Ranch, “The King” is tipped off that a search warrant is in the works by a insider at the police department, prompting a SUV packed full of boxes of papers and other items to be hastily removed the night before. Nevertheless, the police still manage to confiscate open bottles of alcohol, a large quantity of dangerous, illegally obtained drugs, sexually explicit material and items stained with sperm from several unidentified males in Michael Jackson’s private living quarters.

(Official Court Files)

13. DNA of Anyone other than Mr. Jackson

There are two DNA reports in this case.

“The first DNA report says 3 male DNAs were found on Mr. Jackson’s mattress. Of these 3 males, one was identified as Mr. Jackson. The remaining males were not identified. The second DNA report says a fourth male DNA was found in bed sheets. The bed sheets presumably were found in a laundry bag, along with underwear.”

In other words, “physical evidence.”

The police discover a number of arty magazines with titles like “Boys Will Be Boys” and “The Nudist, Eden, Solair Universelle Day Nudisme,” containing photographs of men, women, and children exposing their genitals and “how to” sex manuals titled “A Sexual Study of Man” depicting naked males performing oral copulation and engaging in anal sex. “The Golden Age Of Neglect” featured pictures of nude men and women engaging in sexually explicit activities including oral sex, masturbation and penetration. “The Fourth Sex, Adolescent Extremes,” featured fetishes, bondage and sadomasochism. “Dress up, Playacts and Fantasies of Childhood” contained photos of naked children along with various girlie magazines like Penthouse, Barely Legal and Hustler, all well within reach. The investigator assigned to the case wrote that these books and magazines weren’t pornography per say but could be used in a “grooming process” by pedophiles.

Then things take an ugly turn. Inside a black leather bag found under his bathroom sink, (the same bathroom Jackson shared with his new bed mates.) copies of hardcore pornographic DVDs and magazines titled “Pimps Up, Ho’s Down, F**k me, I’m a Bad Girl, Unbelievable Anal, Tales of Taboo, Chicks with Dicks, Human Horse Cocks, Brown Showers and Biggest Black” were discovered. Dandy things to have around the house for a guy that kept inviting other people’s children over to spend the night!

Along with the warrant to search the premises, a warrant for his arrest was also issued. Jackson was in Las Vegas at the time recording a music video. He flew back to California and surrendered to the police. He was hauled off to jail in handcuffs and charged with “lewd or lascivious acts” with a child younger than 14 under section 288(a) of the California Penal Code. It was a dark day for the “King of Pop.”

Jackson claims to be a victim of police brutality while he was in custody. He has photos taken of his arms covered with ugly black and blue bruises that he claimed were a result of the handcuffs being too tight. It isn’t clear how this happened. You’d think after placing handcuffs on countless other suspects over the years, police officers would have it down to a science.

Then this drama queen accuses police of locking him in a public bathroom with feces smeared all over the walls for 45 minutes. The police deny this, confirming that the bathroom was clean and the entire booking, the photography and fingerprinting process took less than an hour. After posting the 3 million dollar bond and surrendering his passport, Jackson was released.

If this wasn’t bad enough, Arvizo’s attorney, Tom Sneddon petitions to have the drawings Jordan Chandler had drawn of Jackson’s penis in 1993 brought back into the spotlight. Michael Jackson must have nearly had a heart attack when the drawings that he had paid a fortune to make go away resurfaced again at his criminal trial!

Sneddon writes in the court records, “I’ve examined the drawing made by Jordan Chandler and the photographs taken of the Defendant’s genitalia. (Michael Jackson) The photographs reveal a mark on the right side of Defendant’s penis at the same location as the blemish identified by Jordan Chandler’s drawing. I believe the discolorations in his drawing was not something he could or would have guessed about or seen accidentally. I believe the photographs substantially corroborate Jordan Chandler’s graphic representation of the Defendant’s penis.”

Tom Sneddon’s assistant, Senior Deputy DA Ron Zonen motions to allow these graphic photos of Jackson’s genitalia and Jordan’s drawings entered into evidence. Jordan’s depictions of a telltale blemish on Michael Jackson’s anatomy were certainly noteworthy, suggesting that something sinister had taken place. Luckily for Jackson, the judge feels sorry for him and denies Zonen’s motion, attesting that the evidence would be too prejudicial on the poor, sad superstar, ruling them inadmissible.

Why? I suspect it’s partly because they were so god awful embarrassing! Can you imagine what a field day it would have been for the paparazzi if they had shown photos of Michael Jackson’s penis in court? How do you manage to keep something like that from getting leaked to the media? For whatever reason, the hard evidence that could very well have dethroned “The King” for all time was never used.

Another curious thing about those photographs is that the coroner that performed Jackson’s autopsy documented that he wasn’t circumcised. Jordan assumed that he was. This gave MJ defenders the alibi they had been waiting for! While it doesn’t make sense to carelessly chuck this evidence out the window based on that small discrepancy, his fans had been awarded a way out and that’s all that mattered. This gave them the liberty to say, “There wasn’t one speck of evidence that Michael Jackson was guilty!”

Untold numbers of investigators, lawyers and law enforcement personnel peered at the photographs of Jackson’s penis through a magnifying glass. How is it that nobody noticed that Michael Jackson wasn’t circumcised until he was lying on a coroner’s workbench? It’s just another one of those things that self appointed MJ scholars are more than ready to yell “case closed” over that the rest of us unenlightened clods are supposed to accept on faith!

It’s unclear how they can say with any degree of certainty what Evan Chandler could or couldn’t have testified to when it didn’t go that far, but how can they insist that Jordan’s drawings weren’t evidence? What about the similarities? How many adult penises do you think this young boy had seen in his life? I wish I didn’t have to inform MJ fans of this but when a penis is erect, it’s hard to tell if it’s been circumcised. If anything, it suggests that Jackson must have had an erection when this 13-year-old boy saw it!

You’d think that if they didn’t match, the lawyers for the defense would want to present them in court and render them unsubstantiated for all time. It would have worked against the prosecution. Instead, Jackson’s lawyers fought to keep them from being seen. This is what fascinates me about this case. It has seldom been about what could be indisputably proven; it has mostly involved conjecture and how Team Jackson stonewalled the public into feeling sorry for him by concentrating on how sad he looked or how his charitable donations revealed what a wonderful person he was. It’s truly astounding how well this has worked thus far. I hope the day will arrive when people’s fantasies of this guy was won’t be enough any longer and they’ll want to hear the whole story.

In the meantime, here’s what happened.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
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