The Much-Despised Nickname, “Wacko Jacko.” - Charles Thomson

Learn the truth about Michael Jackson's unhealthy interest in young boys.

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The Much-Despised Nickname, “Wacko Jacko.”

The following content is from an unpublished book titled: "The Brass Tacks of an Over Polished Trophy". I'm unaware why it wasn't published, but it contains some good contents, and is useful to those researching Jackson's behaviour with young boys and the allegations against him. It has 12 chapters in total. Full credit goes to the original author.
Michael Jackson’s reckless, inappropriate behavior and relentless self-promotion earn him the much-despised nickname, “Wacko Jacko.” Jackson becomes more obsessed with his appearance than the creation of good music. His image shifted from a fresh-faced lad, jubilantly performing with his brothers to a “Thriller.” Then he became “Bad” and eventually “Dangerous.” The album cover of “HisStory” shows how crazy he had become. It features a huge statue of King Michael decked out as some kind of pop commando, with ammunition belts strapped across his chest. His posture is rigid and his fists are clenched, as if he’s leading his troops into battle. Full size replicas are made of this military figure during a 30 million dollar promotion campaign and were erected when he made public appearances. All to promote his image.

In 2007, Aphrodite Jones publishes “Michael Jackson Conspiracy.” Her book turns out to be MJ fan’s greatest weapon. It’s a given that her book has been quoted word for word more often that any other publication covering Michael Jackson on the market. After claiming Jackson was guilty, Jones suddenly became equally emphatic in her belief that he was innocent. Why? Could it be that she saw his flock were hungry for a conspiracy and she could make a bundle selling them one? It certainly turned out that way. Her book is still a best seller whereas books by Bob Jones, a former employee that knew Michael Jackson personally have been shuffled off to the dollar bin.

Let’s consider Aphrodite Jones’ impressive credentials that provoke Michael Jackson’s “Army of L.O.V.E.” to draw lines in the sand, shall we?

1. True Crime AUTHOR: A glorified version of those cheesy True Crime mags you find in the back of bookstores with pictures of women with bloody noses on the cover.

2. Investigative REPORTER: In other words: A work-for-hire Journalist. (Just like Martin Bashir and Diane Dimond!)

3. Jones writes that from where she was sitting in that courtroom, (along with all the other spectators.) it “appeared” Tom Sneddon might be tampering with evidence. The way I see it, if she’s going to use words like “it appeared to be…” and “looking back, I can see…” her book simply reflects her opinion. Don’t tell MJ fans that though! The second she claimed that it appeared that Sneddon might be planting evidence, Sneddon planted evidence, dammit!

Never mind that tampering with evidence is a federal crime and if there was truth in what Jones nearly accuses him of, he would be sitting in prison right now. What’s curious about this reporter/turned author is that no one considered her a world-renowned expert on crime until Jackson’s conspiracy hungry fans read her book and liked what she had to say. Her book made Jones a celebrity. Once again, MJ fans were sucked in by a public figure.

Michael Jackson kind of lost the spring in his step after that. After he was handed a “Get Out Of Jail Free Card” at his criminal trial, he abandoned his den of sin at Neverland and moved him and his children in with Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, in Barain, a small island state near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. In November 2008, Abdullah sued the singer for 4.7 million dollars to cover expenses that he claimed Jackson tallied up while he and his children were his guests. The “King of Pop” assumed they were “gifts.” Those were some pretty extravagant gifts, especially after Al-Khalifa made it clear that they weren’t!

“Jackson dug himself into a deep financial hole with a combination of reckless spending and massive legal problems at a time when his record sales were plummeting. In 2005, an accountant said Jackson was spending $20 million to $30 million more a year than he was taking in.” He Died In Debt Up To His Ears / New York Post – June 27, 2009

Despite Jackson’s reputation as an incredibly generous humanitarian, he was a notorious cheapskate. He would fire employees if they didn’t follow his rules and then they’d have to sue him for back pay. Marc Schaffel, producer of video “What More Can I Give?” sued Jackson for $800,000 production costs and personal loans. He also claims he did “boy searches” for Michael in Brazil and offered hush money to a Brazilian family. Jackson counter sues. On July 2006, the jury awards $1.2 million to Schaffel and $200,000 to Jackson.

In 2006, California Department of Labor fined Jackson $169,000 for failure to cover his workers’ employment insurance. He pays up, plus pays an extra $306,000 in back pay. “In addition to the wage related penalties, we will be calculating and collecting the exact amount due the state for Mr. Jackson’s failure to have required workers’ compensation insurance coverage for his employees.” – Robert Jones (Acting California labor commissioner.)

Mr. Humanitarian made the state of California fine him for refusing to pay his employee’s employment insurance! He had to pay back pay, plus a fine. Big bucks Michael Jackson didn’t care if his employees had health insurance!

Despite being deeply in debt, this wacky pop star orders his business adviser, Myung-Ho Lee to wire $150,000 to a bank in Mali so a voodoo chief could cast a curse on director Steven Spielberg for not letting him star as Peter Pan in the motion picture, “Hook!” One has to wonder, how does a person that claims to be a moral, God-fearing man feel free to dabble in the black arts when it suits him? Once again, it requires a huge leap of faith to remain loyal to this guy. Equally astounding is that he had people working for him that were willing to carry out his insane commands.

Another target Jackson meant to unleash his wrath upon were the demons at Sony, his faithful record label for decades. He figured the cause of his declining record sales had to be that they weren’t promoting him enough. How he could think this is further evidence of his loosening grip on reality. No fan determined to get his or her hands on the latest Michael Jackson release would have missed out on a chance to snatch it up before. After lending Jackson millions of dollars, he showed his gratitude by throwing a public temper tantrum, calling Sony’s entertainment chief, Tommy Mottola the devil and a racist. Sony shoots back with a public announcement of their own: “Michael Jackson’s comments are ludicrous, spiteful and hurtful. It’s seems particularly bizarre that he has chosen to launch an unwarranted and ugly attack on an executive who has championed his career and the careers of so many other superstars for many years.”

In 2007, Jackson attempts to re-launch his career in Las Vegas. He had always said he didn’t want to end up like Elvis and play Vegas. Nevertheless, after two years of running, this is where he ends up, in the city where stars go to die. Like his out of control spending, he’s under the misconception that he will be welcomed with open arms. He hasn’t the foggiest notion of how unpopular he has become. The truth is that only his fans believe in him at this point. He has all but destroyed his reputation, even in Las Vegas. For a city built on decadence and over-indulgence, that’s really saying something! The big wigs in Vegas consider the “King of Pop” radioactive and refuse to touch him. He becomes an anonymous recluse, holing up in a modest rental in a dusty suburb on the outskirts of the city. It was a long way from Neverland.

What is especially strange about this period are the efforts Jackson makes to maintain his image. He’s nearly broke and cannot find work. Nevertheless, he continues to live beyond his means, squandering what remained of his wealth in perverted indulgences. He films himself going on extravagant spending sprees. He arrives with his camera crew in tow as the salesmen straighten their ties in anticipation of the cash they think he’ll spend. Jackson strolls up and down the aisles chirping, “Ooooo! I want this and this and this….” It’s quite a spectacle for a man with empty pockets. When the cameras are switched off, he returns the merchandise. Hey, he has an image to uphold!

Jackson couldn’t even afford to pay the taxes on Neverland Ranch, which was estimated to cost a million dollars per month to maintain. From thriller to dangerous, his former home had fallen into a pitiful state of disrepair and was slowly being overrun by mother nature. Buildings, amusement park rides, Jackson’s personal zoo and Tipi village were slowly crumbling to the ground. Gardens and lawns were choked with weeds and didn’t appear to have been watered for months. On what used to be the bumper car rink, the canopy is ripped and discolored by the harsh California sun. It’s a taunting symbol of the depravity and decay Michael Jackson descended into in his final days. He could have been every bit the national hero his fans already thought he was anyway had he not succumbed to the demons in his soul during the last decade of his life.

Jackson continues to stiff people right and left. “Michael never paid his bills,” says a lawyer who did work for him over the years. “Countless professionals who worked for him are still waiting to get paid.” Even though he was broke, he kept buying expensive gifts like jewelry and cars for Elizabeth Taylor and other special friends. How did he manage this, you ask? Because he still owned the Beatle song rights! Yep, even though he was financially and emotionally bankrupt, people kept loaning him money. They figured the Beatle songs insured that they would get their money back. They were wrong. Mounting debts eventually forced Jackson to the brink of default on a reported $270 million in loans held by Bank of America, who eventually sold off the loan package. His stake in Sony/ATV, his Neverland ranch and a separate music-publishing firm that owns the rights to Jackson’s songs secured that package.

It isn’t clear how well Jackson’s children were handling their father’s disorientated lifestyle but it appears that Michael dragged them along for the ride. After all, who would be crazy enough to question the “King of Pop’s” parenting skills? Had anyone else held a baby over a 4th floor balcony railing while high on drugs, Child Protective Services would’ve taken those children away. Not our darling Michael though! A huge population of people refused to let go of the respectable image they had formed of him decades ago.

In the end, Michael Jackson didn’t know how not to be famous and his adoring public didn’t know how to let him come down off of his pedestal. If he had done what John Lennon did, he might have been able turn his life around. John and Yoko turned their backs on fame and retreated to a countryside estate in upstate New York to raise their son in quiet solitude. But then, John had grown up poor on the rough and tumble street of Liverpool. When it came time for him to get out of the spotlight, it was an easy fit. By contrast, Michael Jackson had been famous most of his life and accustomed to be adored. He was too used to his creature comforts. Besides, he needed his medications!
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
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