The Story Doesn’t Have a Happy Ending - Charles Thomson

Learn the truth about Michael Jackson's unhealthy interest in young boys.

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The Story Doesn’t Have a Happy Ending

The following content is from an unpublished book titled: "The Brass Tacks of an Over Polished Trophy". I'm unaware why it wasn't published, but it contains some good contents, and is useful to those researching Jackson's behaviour with young boys and the allegations against him. It has 12 chapters in total. Full credit goes to the original author.
It turns out that dying was the boost Michael Jackson’s career needed. His record sales soared once word got out that “The King of Pop” was no more. Even he knew he was destined to become a hot commodity after his death. He was heard to say, “I’m better off dead. I’m done.” two weeks before he died.

After his death, Sony shelled out millions to ensure the demand for more Michael Jackson merchandise would be met. The musical theater production company, Cirque du Soleil released an album of Michael Jackson songs recorded from their elaborate stage show titled “Immortal,” (A title equally as ironic as “Invincible,” but you didn’t really believe that “This Is It,” did you?) and Sony released the posthumous album simply titled, “Michael” in 2010. While Cirque du Soleil was merely painting the lily, “Michael” was advertised as revamped versions of unreleased songs written by Jackson. (Only some of them were.) It is said to have taken in over 250 million dollars. Of course, like all things Michael, it only gets weirder as you go.

In 2010, Jackson’s daughter was rumored to say that the reason the singer on this album doesn’t sound like her father is because it’s not him at all – it’s a sound alike named “Jason Malachi.” Paris was quoted to say, “It’s not him! The whole album isn’t him! I should know if it’s him or not because he would sing to me all the time!” Naturally, as soon as this was revealed to the public, the Mighty MJ Machine quickly disputed it and insisted that Paris never said this. It certainly isn’t unimaginable that underhanded tactics might be employed to continue plucking the golden goose if it helped to pay off the massive debts he left behind. If you listen to Jason Malachi sing, his voice is uncannily similar to Jackson’s.

If letting an imposter stand in on vocals meant they could continue to mass produce Michael Jackson records, it would be a highly feasible scam to spring on heartbroken fans that are willing to pay anything if it helps them miss him less, and even thank them for doing it. Three years after his death, it’s estimated that still mourning fans spent more than a billion dollars trying to keep his image alive. Perhaps Sony wouldn’t need to pretend that Michael Jackson is actually singing on their next release. Maybe they could name it, “Songs Michael Jackson Would Have Written” and still bring in millions of dollars!

One of the legacies this performer left behind is the fiery debate between his fans and non-fans. In reality, he had one mortal enemy and his name was “Michael Jackson” but in spite of this, the battle rages on. Opposing sides seem to think that whoever shouts the loudest is winning the fight. Headstrong non-fans argue that Michael Jackson wasn’t better than the rest of us, his fans just made him famous. His belligerent fans argue that we aren’t good enough to appreciate his awesome greatness and our disobedience is somehow hurting his omnipresent feelings. It’s impossible for these fanatics to translate their obsessions into a language that would make sense to everyone. The absurd nature of this debate ensures that it will never be resolved.

I fully expect the thugs in Jackson’s erroneously named “Army of L.O.V.E.” will attempt to drown out what I’ve written here with their “Lies, Lies And More Lies!” war cry, (And, if this book is widely received, Team Jackson will employ as many informants as they deem necessary to discredit me as well.) but no matter how intimidating they hope to be, it will never diminish the firmly held conviction that unrelated adults shouldn’t be allowed to bed down other people’s children. This isn’t an opinion invented by evil “haters.” It’s a universal safeguard that has been in place to protect our children since the beginning of time. Jackson’s followers expect the world to reverse these established codes of conduct that have worked for millenniums to make way for his hedonistic philosophy. We’ve tried that “If it feels good, do it” thing already. It didn’t work.

Michael Jackson certainly deserves credit and recognition for the contributions he made to charitable causes. The donations he made when he had money to spare were a generous gesture and I’m certain the recipients of these funds greatly appreciated them. However, if he continued to donate millions to charity after he had he squandered his fortune away, that’s pretty suspicious. That was likely a desperate effort by the Mighty MJ Machine to repair his damaged reputation. The richer and more famous this symbol of great generosity became, the more his sense of humanity got clouded.

A true humanitarian needs to set his or her earthly desires aside for the good of the people and maintain a clean, respectable lifestyle to be revered after death. Michael Jackson had none of those qualities left when he died. He ended up a past his prime, yet still living beyond his means, shadow of his former glory. That’s what drug abuse does to people. It’s a story as old as money itself. His fans think it would be great if we could disregard his impulsive behavior and only concentrate on his achievements but I’m afraid history will not be kind to a man that ultimately sunk into a pit of excessive wealth and self-depravation.

I miss the humble, sincere Michael Jackson. Making a plea for global tolerance during his “We Are The World” days is a far cry from pleading for mercy so he could continue to do what would get the rest of us thrown in jail. That just doesn’t sound very neighborly to me. What happened to “WE” are the world? He was headed in a good direction during the mid 1980s. He showed us what could happen when people work together to help others. We need high profile people that are willing to stand up for unity and tolerance on this contaminated, war-torn planet.

Michael Jackson turned out to be the wrong person to deliver that message. He couldn’t have saved the human race, he couldn’t even save himself. He started out in the right direction but ended up destroying his career when he indulged in one of our most uncompromising taboos. When the public didn’t embrace his rebellious nature, he succumbed to a devastating drug addiction. Although he tried to uphold the humanitarian image he was famous for, he clearly had lost his soul. It’s a tragedy that until the hysteria dies down, we won’t be capable of putting into perspective.

When Michael Jackson claimed that the world would be a better place if more adults would take children to bed with them, he didn’t really think that would happen. That was simply a disillusioned superstar wailing, “Why won’t you people leave me alone? You say that I make you happy with my music. Well, having sex with boys makes me happy! That’s a fair trade, isn’t it?”

Millions refuse to admit this. They grew up with him. They watched Michael Jackson rise to the top of mankind’s greatest aspirations…. Money! Fame! Power! Beauty! Talent! He was everything MTV raised children admired! We loved him so much, we handed our kids over to him! To admit that the “KING” had lost his marbles would be blasphemy! Millions consider his problems, their problems. Although Michael Jackson had become a menace, millions were still too awestruck by his perceived “greatness” to do anything about it.

Many will insist that in the face of uncertainty, it’s best to accept Jackson’s innocence. The mystique surrounding this man is part of what his loyal following love about him. As for the rest of us, if you don’t view Michael Jackson as some God-like superhuman with a divine purpose to “Heal The World” with his magnificent works of art, you’re left with his music and image.

I believe that the way so many people want to keep his private life shrouded in a cloak of glamorous myth indicates that he was guilty and as time marches on, more people that know the torrid details of Michael Jackson’s secret life will come forward. Ask yourself, who has the most to lose if the uncomfortable truth is revealed and Michael Jackson turned out to be a pedophile?

His fans? Slightly, but they’ll cling to his shiny clean image no matter what.

His record company? Slightly, but the guy’s dead. His music making days are over anyway.

HIS FAMILY? Yep, and other powerful millionaires who believe that the reputations of the wealthy must be preserved at all costs. If this controversy would die down, the powers that be could quietly attempt to rewrite history to reflect the values of the privileged few. Unfortunately for them, the public isn’t going to let them simply bury this case in a solid gold casket. I believe it’s inevitable that the day will come when it won’t be cost effective to keep this issue under wraps any longer and nothing will stop the truth from tumbling out.

I hope to be there when it does.

My conclusion:

Like Michael Jackson’s life, this story doesn’t have a happy ending either. My goal has been to ask the questions buried beneath the hype. Give the man the praise he deserves for delivering some great music into our lives but hating anyone that doesn’t worship him won’t help the world remember him as a man of peace. Michael Jackson was a good man; we simply adored him to death. There ought to be a point when we stop lavishing someone with special privileges when we see that person drowning in our generosity. The approbation we all crave stops being a good thing if we’re willing to tolerate behavior the rest of us would have to atone for.

It’s ironic that so many are bitterly resentful toward people that refuse to worship him as a modern day savior. He certainly wouldn’t have wanted us to fight over him the way we do. Nevertheless, we doggedly drag this dispute into our uncertain future with our heads down. No matter what your call to arms may be, hate in the name of L.O.V.E. is still hate. If there’s a glimmer of hope that we can salvage from this ordeal, it’s that people act as if they want to live with less hate. The money Michael Jackson donated to charity has been spent and all we have left is each other. We don’t need a symbol of overindulgence to provide us with the tools to stop hating. We simply need to stop fighting and do it.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
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