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Learn the truth about Michael Jackson's unhealthy interest in young boys.

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Re: Michael's sexuality: was Brett Barnes a 'victim'?

This article was originally posted on Desiree listen. The blog is no longer available online. Full credit goes to the original author.

This article will be archived on this site so people can read and freely make up their own minds without interference from Jackson's misinformation troll factory.
Michael Jackson had 'special friends'.

Regardless of whatever his legions of fans believe about the pedophilia accusations marring his name, the most curious and bothersome aspect of their 'idol' is unavoidable: Michael Jackson collected little boys.

A quick and heavily redacted pictorial of some of Dear Michael's 'pals':
Although it was Michael's young celebrity chums--those who acted or danced--the public most recognized (of course, disregarding the  most famous boy who ended the near-farcical 'innocence' of Michael's 'boy-collecting' habits), one of Michael's most special friends was an Australian mixed-race boy named Brett Barnes.
In 2005, Brett Barnes flew in from Australia, after having quit his job as a casino roulette dealer, to testify on behalf of Michael in his child molestation and conspiracy criminal case. Because the district attorney's office had put on stand individuals who claimed to have seen Michael molest or fondle Brett, he got up there and repudiated those 'stories'.

He was adamant he had not been molested and was never one of Michael's boy victims in his May 5th testimony:
19 Q. Has Mr. Jackson ever touched you in a sexual

20 way?

21 A. Never. I wouldn’t stand for it.

22 Q. Has Mr. Jackson ever touched any part of

23 your body in a way that you thought was

24 inappropriate?

25 A. Never. It’s not the type of thing that I

26 would stand for.
Clearly, any predation by Michael would not be something Brett would 'stand for'. He continues, growing ever more defensive and combative at the idea of being a victim:
4 Q. Are you aware of any allegations being made

5 that Mr. Jackson inappropriately touched you when

6 you were with him?

7 A. Yes, I am. And I’m very mad about that.

8 Q. You’re mad about it?

9 A. Yeah.

10 Q. Why?

11 A. Because it’s untrue, and they’re putting my

12 name through the dirt. And I’m really, really,

13 really not happy about it.
Brett Barnes was not happy!

Of course, taken at face value, one could reasonably believe Brett's testimony on the stand. He said very firmly that he was never molested and he'd stuck to that story since he was a child: Michael Jackson never touched him.

However, after reviewing documents, reading books and articles, and using a bit of common sense, Brett's above assertions seem to be more along the lines of 'doth protest too much' than truth...

Let's take it back to 1993.

In October of that year, Jordie Chandler--Michael's very first tangible alleged victim--underwent an evaluation by the late psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Gardner, who was the world's leading expert on false child abuse allegations at the time. According to Gardner, Jordie was believable.

During the interview, Jordie curiously brought up his good pal Brett Barnes (pseudonym 'Tommy Jones'):
JORDIE CHANDLER: "He said, also, during phase one--the telephone phase--his cousin would go along with him on the tour. And I spoke to his cousin one time. We just said hello."

DR. RICHARD GARDNER: "Was his cousin a boy or girl?"

JC: "A boy about my age, eleven or twelve."

RG: "What was his cousin's name?"

JC: "His name is Tommy Jones [Brett Barnes]; he was on the news if you’ve been watching, in defense of Michael."

RG: "Tommy Jones.  He’s thirteen now?"

JC: "I think--no, I think he’s twelve."

RG: "And he went on the concerts?"

JC: "On the tours."

RG: "On the tours. And he was on the news saying what?"

JC: "He said, 'I will admit that Michael and I are friends and we do sleep in the same bed, but Michael has never touched me,' and, 'it's a really big bed'."

RG: "So he spoke about his cousin. And what did he say about Tommy Jones?"

JC: "He said that, um, like, if he wanted me to do something with him, he would say that Tommy did that with him, so that I would do it. And, like, if I didn't do it, then I didn't love him as much as Tommy did." [Jordie makes a heavy sigh.]

RG: "Are you okay?"

JC: "Yeah."

RG: "Okay, fine, you’re doing very nicely.  You know, we’re going to take a break but let’s try to finish this and then we’ll take a break."

RG: "Do you think that Tommy Jones was lying when he went on television?"

JC: "Yes."

RG: "Why do you think he's lying?"

JC: "Because Michael told me they did."

RG: "Okay, but Michael said he did these things--"

JC: "I mean it could be that Michael could be lying to me."

RG: "Somebody is lying. Right?  Because Michael was lying to Tommy by saying the opposite things, right?"

JC: "Yeah, well one of them is lying."

RG: "Who do you think is lying?"

JC: "Tommy."

RG: "Why do you say that?"

JC: "Because in public, when he’s with Tommy, they're very close together physically and verbally and relationship-wise. And if one were to observe things in public, how they acted to each other, one would come to that conclusion, that it was more then just a friendly relationship."

RG: "Now, let’s go on.  So that was the lip kissing.  Then he cried--"

JC: "He tries to make me feel guilty for--"
Gardner cut Jordie off before he finished his final thought but he later added, along a seemingly similar tangent:
"Right. But somewhere on the trip I said, 'I didn't like when you put your tongue in my ear and grabbed my butt.' Once again, he started crying and making me feel guilty, and saying there's nothing wrong with it, and referring to the levitators and Tommy.  I think he referred to Tommy and said Tommy wouldn’t care if I did that to him."
Once I was finished reading the transcript of the interview, I had to wonder about several things, mainly what was behind the continued Brett Barnes references.

Jordie mentioned the possibility that Michael Jackson could have lied to him, using Brett--a boy of similar age and appearance--as a sort of motivator to get Jordie to engage in sexual activity when Jordie was hesitant.

'It's okay to do this because Brett did it, too,' or, 'Brett does this and if you don't do it, you don't love me like Brett does.' Perhaps along those lines, except Michael was not telling him the truth?

That is a real and legitimate possibility!

It is possible Brett Barnes had never done anything sexual with Michael but Michael told Jordie otherwise, which--even if Brett was never predated upon--Jordie Chandler was still a sexual abuse victim.

According to Jordie, however, he felt that it was Brett Barnes, not Michael Jackson, who was not telling the truth. Of course, this could all be Jordie's way of trying to not seem like he had been the only boy to engage in  shameful, homosexual contact--him wanting to believe he was never the only one--but I doubt it.

I, too, believe Brett was the one telling fibs, although the alternative is logical.

The truth is Brett and Michael were very close. According to Brett's testimony, he would often fly alone from his home in Australia to be with Michael:
21 Q. Did you ever go to Neverland without a

22 parent going with you?

23 A. Yes.

24 Q. So sometimes you would fly all the way from

25 Australia to Neverland, is that right, by yourself?

26 A. Absolutely.
I often wondered why, when these boys also had sisters, the boys would go to Neverland or 'sleepover' with Michael on their own, as stated here by Brett and also in the testimony of Macaulay Culkin? It was quite a common theme...

Anyway, in Victor Gutierrez's bombshell (and surprisingly accurate) book, Michael Jackson Was My Lover, the author photocopied pages from Evan Chandler's 'chronology' of the events that occurred with regards to his son's alleged molestation. With Jordie's help, Evan typed up the multi-paged document for his lawyers but it was stolen en route to their law offices by the carrier and later disseminated to the media.

Contrary to popular belief in Michael Jackson fan communities, Evan Chandler did not give the documents to Victor Gutierrez and, if one reads the book, there is certainly no way it was written by Evan Chandler, especially since the English version is a translation of the original Spanish text first published in Chile, South America.

I photographed the documents as they appeared in the book. Please click each picture for a larger and more readable resolution and full details. Underlined text portions are for emphasis.
According to the chronology, while in a limousine ride to Neverland, Jordie witnessed Brett and Michael Jackson being very affectionate, to the point the two were hugging and kissing. Also, the document stated Jordie was intensely jealous of this affection and attention bestowed upon Brett by Michael, and of what seemed to be a 'closer' relationship between Brett and Michael than what he had with Michael.

That anecdote coincides with Jordie's assertion of a close, affectionate relationship between the two as stated in the above Gardner evaluation. Clearly, Jordie believed the affection existing between Brett and Michael mirrored the affection within his own relationship with Michael Jackson. He then reasonably assumed Brett also engaged in sexual activity with the superstar (Michael's own tales of sex with Brett notwithstanding).

Additionally, while in Monaco, states the chronology, Michael told Jordie that other boys--including Brett Barnes--had masturbated in front of or with him, all as a way to convince Jordie of the propriety of mutual masturbation.

As we see, the gratuitous references to Brett Barnes are quite peculiar.

Jordie, as was stated in the chronology and pretty much evident in the Gardner evaluation, had a sort of rivalry with Brett Barnes for Michael's affection, whether or not Brett was aware.

Is it not possible Michael exploited this evident jealousy to get Jordie to submit to sexual behavior by comparing Brett with Jordie?

As I included in my last expose blog entry, I will re-embed Jordie's hand-drawn description of Michael Jackson's erect penis because that drawing includes interesting evidence about Brett that begs for common sense analysis and probative speculation.

Please click on each picture for a larger and more readable resolution.
Disregarding the damning information about Michael's genitalia, notice how Jordie, once again, mentions Brett Barnes.

I should note, however, that the above description is NOT the same description given to the detectives working for the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Police Departments, the one in which District Attorney Tom Sneddon requested to introduce into Michael's trial. .

What's of interest in Jordie's drawing is how intimately he refers to Brett. I found two things quite curious: first, Jordie's description of not only Michael's penis, but Brett's, as well; and second, a reference to Michael applying Vaseline in Brett's anus because he was frequently constipated with 'big shits'.

With regard to the the first 'curious thing', I can understand that the first question would be: How do we know Jordie didn't just see Brett's anatomy on his own? Well, in reality, we don't know if Jordie could have merely seen Brett if the two boys were in the bathroom together or if they were changing into swim trunks. Photographic evidence exists that the boys have been in close enough proximity:
The above picture shows the boys with Michael. (Notice how Michael is holding onto Brett's hand and the two are wearing the same shirts. Recall Jordie's jealousy as in the chronology, as well as his references to Brett being a sort of 'model' in which Jordie should emulate sexually...) However, in Jordie's Gardner evaluation, Jordie makes it seem as if he and Brett still did not have significant enough contact with each other for him to be so graphically exposed to Brett's penis.

There are two possibilities in my mind:

1. Jordie saw Brett on his own and included his descriptions of Brett's genitalia in his drawing, or;

2. Michael related Brett's anatomy to Jordie.

I believe it is the latter.

According to Victor Gutierrez's book, Jordie's knowledge came from the fact the boys engaged in a sort of threesome with Michael Jackson. None of that was ever alleged and it is highly likely Gutierrez only included that 'theory' for shock value and to appeal to the NAMBLA sect (he thanks the organization in his acknowledgments at the close of the book).

That Jordie brought up Brett's masturbatory technique and mentioned his foreskin after referring to how Michael would guilt Jordie into sexual activity at Brett's name leads me to believe that sort of intimate information was related to Jordie by Michael Jackson himself. The basis of this belief is rooted in the idea of why include something that is not exactly important to the molestations being alleged. It would be moot, regardless if Michael used he and Brett's (allegedly sexual) closeness as a way to get Jordie to do things.

Most importantly, Jordie said Michael could have been the one who was lying to him [about Brett]! Jordie's usage of 'lying' implies that he had been told information, not witnessed it himself.

The second 'curious thing' is probably of more intrigue, owing to the fact it sounds so fantastic, it could be considered simultaneously nonsensical and believable along the 'fact is stranger than fiction' tip: Jordie alleged Michael put Vaseline in Brett's anus, albeit for 'medical purposes'. (NOTE: Victor Gutierrez, in his caption at the left-hand side of Jordie's drawing, states erroneously that the Vaseline usage was a 'sexual game'. This has never been alleged or proven.)

The question is: How would Jordie Chandler know such a thing?  

My belief is that Michael--or even Brett--told him about the Vaseline usage; the above allegation is far too graphic to be fictitious, not to mention it would be far too risky an inclusion for someone who devised a fallacious 'extortion' plot. If not true, the boy implicated--meaning Brett Barnes--could vehemently deny the charge and blow the whole stunt wide open.

Most everyone is intelligent enough to not make up something that can be so easily disproved!

But, instead, Jordie writes 'get med. exam of Brett' in the drawing for his lawyers. Clearly, the boy felt he could prove whatever he said.

Although it is speculation, I found an interesting document and wondered whether it could prove Jordie's Vaseline-in-Brett's-anus allegation.

One of the infamous 'Neverland Five'--who sued Michael Jackson civilly and lost--related a story to District Attorney Tom Sneddon about Michael Jackson's sexual proclivities.

Kassim Abdool, who was barred from telling this anecdote to the trial jury because he failed to tell it to the Grand Jury, stated his former boss requested he and another security guard, Ralph Chacon, to fetch a tub of  Vaseline from his vehicle. When they brought the Vaseline to Michael, Abdool stated Michael appeared aroused and there was a young boy in his room. Abdool claimed the boy was Jordie Chandler.

Click the picture for larger.
Although Abdool claims it could have been Jordie Chandler, it is highly likely it could have actually been Brett Barnes. Many have stated how similar the two boys looked. If we are to believe him, it is very possible Michael Jackson was not only going to apply Vaseline to Brett as alleged by Jordie, but that this activity was sexual in nature to Michael. He allegedly had an erection.

Of course, my inclusion of the above document is only speculative. There is no way to verify the accuracy of Kassim Abdool's tale or even his memory. Also questionable is the fact he did not tell the tale to the Grand Jury. At best, it was a serious lapse in cognition for Abdool to 'forget' the above anecdote; at worse, it reeks of convenience.

Nevertheless, Jordie's allegation stands even without corroboration, and I cannot think of any reason why it would have been made up.

Let's take it back full circle...

As Jordie Chandler stated above to Dr. Richard Gardner, Brett appeared on national television defending Michael. In the below video, Brett appears at the 8:27 mark:
Notice Brett's body language when asked about the sleeping arrangements. He does not look as if he was telling the truth. He swallowed so hard it was obvious and his fixed eye contact with the reporter seemed unnatural. He responded in a way that was similar to a child being questioned about bad behavior: slightly combative and too forceful when feigning innocence.

'Doth protest too much'?

It does not seem to curb suspicion when the man who organized the whole television interview was Michael Jackson's private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, a man known to think and conduct business like a mafioso (which is most likely the reason he is currently imprisoned). He made all of the wrong moves, unintentionally broadcasting to the world one of the planet's 'weirdest' celebrities facing a molestation rap slept in the bed with young boys, not to mention conspicuously avoiding police involvement knowing Evan Chandler was a so-called extortionist!

Let's move it forward...

As previously stated, Brett Barnes testified in court that he had never been molested by Michael. However, while on stand he made some very interesting statements that could cause one to question his sincerity, not to mention the propriety of his unique attachment to Michael Jackson.

Many of Michael's 'special friends', such as Wade Robson, stopped sleeping with Michael once they hit a certain age, about fourteen or so. Check Wade's May 5th testimony:
23 Q. When did you stop sleeping with Mr. Jackson?

24 A. I guess when I was about, I don’t know,

25 maybe 13, 14, something like that.

26 Q. Why did you stop?

27 A. I didn’t stop sleeping with him. I just

28 haven’t spent the night with him, I mean, in his

1 room or anything like that since then, I don’t

2 think.
However, Brett Barnes' testimony was startlingly different by comparison:
9 Q. So you stayed in the room with Michael

10 Jackson when you were 18 years old?

11 A. Yeah.

12 Q. You’re 22 now?

13 A. 23. 23.

14 Q. So you were 19 years old?

15 A. Yeah, I guess.

16 Q. Did you share a bed with him at that time?

17 A. Yeah, I did.

As we can see, Brett continued to sleep in the same bed with Michael Jackson until he was at least nineteen years old. Why does a nineteen-year-old young man need to sleep in the bed with another man who was in his forties?

Of course, none of that is a crime, but it makes you wonder whether Brett and Michael were possibly in a relationship. According to the .pdf document about child molesters written by former FBI agent Ken Lanning linked in the last blog entry, it is not uncommon for victims of abuse to form relationships with their abusers.

Could this have been the case with Brett Barnes, who continued to sleep in the bed with Michael Jackson?

Sure, it all seems innocuous; Brett Barnes could've been having a slumber party with his good friend Michael and nothing improper was ever going on. Of course, Brett became fairly discombobulated when Assistant DA Ron Zonen asked him about when and why he stopped sleeping with Michael Jackson:
12 Q. Do you still sleep with Michael Jackson?

13 A. No, I don’t.

14 Q. How old were you when you stopped sleeping

15 with Michael Jackson?

16 A. I couldn’t tell you that.

17 Q. Why don’t you still sleep with Michael

18 Jackson?

19 A. Well, he’s got kids now.

20 Q. And?

21 A. And I -- it would be purely speculation if I

22 told you. I could not answer that knowingly,

23 like -- it’s just --
It seemed as if Zonen asked him an easy enough question but Brett found it difficult to answer. Why? According to Brett, the only reason he no longer slept in the bed with Michael Jackson was because he had children! Is it unreasonable to assume Brett would have continued to sleep with Michael if Michael had no children of his own? Any other reason would have been 'purely speculation', whatever that means!

What does that mean?

Brett's answer is bizarre in that it deviated so greatly from the other 'special friends'. They basically said they grew out of sleeping in the bed with Michael Jackson; by extension from Brett's own mouth, it's possible Brett would have slept with Michael until who knows how long, certainly past nineteen!

Taking all of Jordie's allegations about Michael and Brett Barnes into account, could it be possible Michael and Brett engaged in sexual activity that was no longer apropos when Prince, Paris, or Blanket Jackson also wanted to share a bed with their father?

If one is unconvinced that Michael Jackson's boy-centric sleepovers, including the ones with Brett, were less than innocent, Wade Robson revealed that the sleepovers were secretive, too, a secret between Michael and said 'special friend':
21 Q. BY MR. ZONEN: Did you know about other

22 children that he had slept with?

23 A. No.

24 Q. Never?

25 A. No.

26 Q. Did you know that he was sleeping with Brett

27 Barnes?

28 A. No.

1 Q. Did you know that he was sleeping with

2 Macaulay Culkin?

3 A. No.

4 Q. Did you know that he was sleeping with

5 Jordie Chandler?

6 A. No.
Now, why would Michael hide something that was pure and innocent? I guess that would be 'purely speculation'!

In sum, the entire body of this investigative blog entry regarding Michael Jackson's sexuality attempts to understand whether one of Michael's most special friends was a victim of his. If we quantify all of Jordie's accusations, Brett Barnes appears many times, to the point an intelligent person would be suspicious.

Was he a victim? Brett himself says no, although some of his conduct belies that protestation. Jordie insisted that Brett had to be in the same boat as he, given Brett's closeness to Michael--which was similar to his own relationship with the singer--and the stories Michael told him about Brett.

The Vaseline, the guilt trips...

We don't know for sure if Brett Barnes was ever predated upon by Michael Jackson. It may very well be that Michael's only victim at the time was Jordie Chandler and Michael lied to him about Brett in typical manipulative, pedophile fashion! The 365 days the boy spent with Michael while on the Dangerous Tour, where they shared a bed, according to Brett's sister, Karlee Barnes, could have been completely innocent.

However, when all of the evidence is put together, there seems to exist more than a reasonable amount of suspicion as to the propriety of the Michael/Brett twosome. All things considered, I would not be surprised if Brett Barnes grew attached to Michael as one would to a lover.

Interestingly enough, it was Brett Barnes who was at Neverland when the ranch was raided in 1993. He was a very, very 'special friend'...
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
© Facts Don't Lie. Pedophiles Do.
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